Ceiling Fan Humming
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(07-27-2019, 07:30 AM)TDKPE Wrote: By any chance, did you give it a spin to see if it will continue running under power?  I asked about the reversing switch because absent the “B” winding, which gives it direction, it should turn in either direction equally well, though without that “B” winding, it won’t run as well as it would normally.  Sort of like a start winding, but it’s a permanent split capacitor or shaded-pole motor with capacitor in the secondary winding circuit and that smaller winding is always in the circuit.  If that small winding is disconnected, like when the direction switch falls apart, it won’t know which way to turn and it will just sit there humming to itself, like a cap-start motor with a bad capacitor.

Yes, I tried to manually spin the crap out of it.  I tried in all three speeds in both directions, which also lead me to believe it was not the capicator.
  Re: RE: Ceiling Fan Humming by Andydiy (We do not have it on...)
(07-26-2019, 08:33 PM)Andydiy Wrote: We do not have it on a dimmer.

I checked all of the connections but I did not check voltages; I should do that.

I did check the reversing switch and tried in both directions multiple times.

Hunter does have limited life time warranty on the fan motor.  According to their website I would need the receipt.  I bought the fan six years ago, I definitely don't have that.  Good idea though, I bet I would have to send the motor in at my cost too.

Thanks for the ideas.  I think I'll just have to buy a new fan.  At least I was able to save one of the fans.

I'm working with Kwikset on some door knob warranty issues.  Their site says they must inspect the knobs in question.  I called them, they said no, knobs don't need inspection, after a few short questions and some pics, they are sending replacement knobs.

Give Hunter a call, you never know.

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