Outside walnut cross update
About 5 years ago, I built a walnut cross(4" by 4") and installed it on a southeast corner of a church property. I coated it with A100 ultra deep tint base(Sherwin Williams) and recoated it twice in 4 years. I did not recoat it last year.  The church dissolved and will be sold. The lady for whom I built the cross asked me to retrieve it(with church permission) for installing at a future church.

I decided to do repairs as needed before that. The cross piece has three splits and some sapwood degradation(all on the back side which was facing north). I cut out the degraded sapwood, made a new walnut insert, tinted some epoxy and am filling the voids.

The following pictures are of the south facing front side after 5 years of exposure to sun/rain/snow/wind. There were two original coats, another coat after 2 years, another after the next(third) year and none for the 4th or 5th years.

    The small splits and graying were in the finish and the finish was removed leaving the natural look intact.
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So, what conclusions are you prepared to draw, at this point Mac?  Are you satisfied with the performance of the finish, over time?  Do you think you would have gotten better results with some other product?

I remember way back when the "deep tint base as an outdoor finish" method first started making the rounds on the internet.  I've always wanted to try it, but never really had a project that needed it.  I'm just curious what your opinion is of the long terms results you've experienced.

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  Re: Outside walnut cross update by K. L. McReynolds (About 5 years ago, I...)
The discoloration is in the finish. The finish protected the heartwood(a section of sap wood deteriorated). With recoating every two years, I was satisfied with the result. However, it that had been outdoor furniture, and the fact spar varnish has to be recoated basically the same, I would not be happy with the discoloration when spar varnish maintains the original color better. Then again, I am not sure how much walnut reacts to sunlight. The pieces I used were not premium color walnut, being light brown(were, however, free). Big Grin

I am refinishing with a different variety of SW deep tint base(Resiliance). And will be able to keep an eye on it as well.

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