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My brother-in-law has hired these workers for both his New Jersey residence and his Connecticut summer home.  In both cases they were congregating at a Home Depot store parking lot.  He found a couple that had enough English (and their own transportation). 

The last time I visited his NJ home for a barbecue he had invited the day worker, his wife and very young son too.  He works alongside the day workers and becomes friends with them.  A strange association as my bother-in-law holds two post-doctorate degrees (from Rensselaer Polytech), but he has always been a friendly guy. 

If you find the right one they can be fine.

I have one that I deal with.  He understands English but rarely speaks it.  He brings his wife with him to translate.  He will do the nastiest chores (he removed a dead raccoon from my attic along with all the droppings and fouled insulation).  The pest control company that "raccoon-proofed" my attic wanted a flat rate of $600.00 to remove the carcass.  The entire job cost me $200.00 with my day worker--a high rate agreed upon because of the nasty work and the high heat (90+ degrees outdoors; hotter in the attic).
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