Military move damage... dining table
  Re: Military move damage... dining table by brax71 (Super-short summary ...)
handi ( does custom work and is in your area. He may be able to help you price it.

Good luck.
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  Re: Military move damage... dining table by brax71 (Super-short summary ...)
I am sure they would never pay studio price. I looked up Amish furniture and they offer similar tables for 1600 to 2200. That would seem to be a good place to start.

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  Re: Military move damage... dining table by brax71 (Super-short summary ...)
If you have USAA Household Goods Insurance, it's worth a call to them to see if they might cover the difference between a HHG damage claim and any estimate you get from a custom builder. If you can't find a qualified builder to get a quote, price the cost of repairs for yourself in terms of materials and labor. I'd try $30/hour, which is on the very high end of custom furniture maker hourly rate according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
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  Re: Military move damage... dining table by brax71 (Super-short summary ...)
I have done this as the repair shop.

The moving company can get a quote from a repair shop, use that for an insurance check.

I am in Fort Myers, I would be happy to help you with a repair quote, and do the repair if needed.
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  Re: Military move damage... dining table by brax71 (Super-short summary ...)
I built a farm style table with BB ends, walnut top and painted hard maple base. I’ve had 2 designers tell me it’s a $4-5k table done on commission. I’m sure that would be before the designers cut.

  Re: Military move damage... dining table by brax71 (Super-short summary ...)
Wanted to give an update since so many of you kindly gave me advice.
1.  furniture guy came, will give estimate to moving company, movers should cut me a check for amount of his repair estimate (since he assesses it as repairable and that the repairs would cost far less than replacement)
2.  thank you for the help, advice, and general well-wishes

Long version: 
The moving company sent a furniture repair/refinishing company out today to see the damage on my dining table (and the other stuff that was broken during the move).  The guy was friendly and professional, looked at the damage, and we chatted for a few.  He let me know that I could have the moving company simply cut me a check for the repair estimate that he would provide to them (his repair estimate is going to be way less than replacement).  This was news to me -- I thought I "had-to" use their guy since it was on their dime.  Since I built the table, I really like that idea of fixing it myself -- it allows me control over how the repair is done (and it doesn't hurt that it puts a little $ in my pocket to cover my costs and my effort).

Several of you offered varying estimates and ways to come up with a value -- which I genuinely appreciate.  I ended up going with a broad hybrid method to come up with a number.  I tried to think back to about how much time it took me to build, found some loosely comparable solid wood tables online, and looked at the numbers y'all had given based on my photo on the first post.  I mentally mashed all of that together and settled on $1600.  While its a bit non-traditional method, I can sleep well knowing that I made an honest, good faith effort to value the item accurately.

In the end, the repair guy said "If I was building that to sell, I'd price it a lot higher than what you listed."  Seems small of me, but that little bit of validation from someone "in the business" who was seeing my work first hand felt kinda good.

Thank you all for helping me work through the process and for the friendly words along the way!!!

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