Roofing Shingles
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(08-15-2019, 12:09 AM)Robert Adams Wrote:      Asphalt is damaged by hail extremely easily. It only take a small hailstone to cause damage. You may not see it from the ground but when you inspect the shingle it will now have a dent and that's where it will deteriorate from. Metal no biggie it just bounces off unless it's really big. And if it does anything it's not visible. 26ga steel is pretty dent resistant especially when it also has ribs bent into it and few flat areas. Also rated at 140mph wind loads which is good as houses here have had brick blown off the walls in storms.

     Roofing and other contractors have no shortage of cheap labor here. Working in the trades here doesn't pay much unless you own the company.

           Oh yeah car insurance is also higher here because of hail. Funny all the people that move here thinking it's cheaper since housing *was* cheaper before the influx from CA. Once they get here they see all the other costs...  
       Every spring the car dealers get hit by hail storms and that's when you can snag good deals on cars from the dealers that don't have those covers over the lots. I will bring her car around back and park it under the porch out back during hail storms (not enough garage space). I always worry about her car in the spring when she is on a trip and her car is sitting at the airport as that lot gets hit hard every year. Luckily she has missed the storms by hours. She will show up and there is broken glass in cars and all over the parking lot. If it looks like there is going to be hail when she is going out I have her park in the public parking and just pay the $25 a day as it's cheaper than dealing with insurance to fix the car.

Ouch!! I worry when we get pee size hail here. I always thought about looking into one of those car covers.
John T.
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(08-15-2019, 10:15 AM)TTHECLOCKMAN Wrote: Ouch!! I worry when we get pee size hail here. I always thought about looking into one of those car covers.

      I was over at my parents house yesterday afternoon and he is going to dig up the paperwork for the roof and see what actual shingles were used. I was going to take a picture of the roof but forgot to. It was 104* and I melt fast outside... 

         Oh and here is a pic of the hail we get. This was from when the Zoo was hit and they had a number of animals killed. Fort Worth has a very nice zoo usually in the top 5 in the country.



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