Repair vs Replace AC
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(08-22-2019, 10:36 AM)Cub_Cadet_GT Wrote: This probably won't be popular with some certain individuals on this forum, but i have had nothing but success with this on the two systems i have used it on, both still running years later with no more leaks. One R22 and one R410a.

If you are going to replace it then you have nothing to loose trying it.

$50 on Amazon.

 I've used a product called "Leak Stop" with 80% success, but only for old systems that are going to be completely replaced within a year. Just buying the customer time until cooler weather or finances can be arranged.
 I would never use it on a good long term system. The refrigerant system is no place to dump foreign debris into. Refrigerant oils are carefully designed and tested for particular systems and anything that may change it characteristics is nothing but damaging long term.

 The leak should be found and repaired. I know of NO manufacture who has approved these additive methods and all of them may void warranties.

 One should read and evaluate and make their own judgement and decisions;

If the customer wants it done, I'll use it if they sign a waiver.  

I guess your right- I disapprove. Laugh
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My company doesn't allow any of their technicians to use any type of leak stop or additive in refrigerant systems.  I've been with them for 12 years and only just recently did they allow a temporary fix using some sort of epoxy on a chiller barrel that was rusted beyond repair by a welder.  We only did this to get the church through the summer and a large funeral they had scheduled the weekend when the barrel decided to start leaking.  We offered no guarantee or warranty of the temporary fix.  Their new Trane chiller is being built as we speak and the patch is still holding after 3 weeks...fingers crossed.
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Replace coil.  Hopefully you'll get another 6-8 years out of the system.

I have 2-5 tons units at my office.  One was replaced 4 years ago (1995 model) and I just had to replace the blower.  The other is still kicking all we've ever done is replace the blower and a capacitor  (1994 model)

Now I've done it................................. Laugh
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