What Are These Clamps?
I've been cleaning out my father's estate, specifically the wood shop.  He was a big time woodworker making a large variety of items.  I used to work with him as a child but this set of clamps has me stumped.  Can someone please let me know their purpose & possible value?  Thank you

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Possibly a form of miter clamp: drill holes in the stock suitable for the pins on the ends of the square jaws, insert pins, tighten up.

Value?  No idea.
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Those are miter clamps, used for clamping miter or angle joints.
To use them, you would first bore blind holes in the back side of each of the pieces of wood.Those holes would be the diameter of the round pins in the sliding jaws of the clamp.Then you would spread the glue, align the boards,insert the round pins in the holes and tighten the clamp.
I've never used this type of clamp, but it looks like it would be useful if you had a large miter joint to glue up.
The value would what someone who wanted to use these clamps would pay for them.
Hope this helps.
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Thank you, both of you!  I kind of figured that but the tapered pins threw me.  Much appreciated.
Now, I only wish I knew who made them. I can't seem to find anything even remotely similar. They are very nicely made, seem to be of the highest quality. Absolutely no makers markings that I can locate though.

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