Jig Saw Problems
I pulled out my trusty Craftsman Autoscroller jig saw [315.17280] to make some simple cuts and it doesn't work. A quick check with a meter and it appears the switch died while sitting on the shelf. The switch is discontinued and I have searched but could not find a replacement. So should I try to find a switch or buy a new saw. Current candidates are the Ryobi cordless to use with my current stock of batteries or the Bosch corded jig saw. The Bosch is a better saw but more expensive. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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If you don't use a jig saw much (and it sounds like you don't), I would check craigslist or other online classifieds in your area for something.
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If I had that saw I would do a short search on Craigslist or other used tool sites and failing to find a suitable replacement, I would look at the switch and see if I could clean it up to make it work--might be able to get some contact cleaner into it. If that didn't work, I'd probably bypass the switch and make a switched receptacle to plug it into. I wouldn't use a saw like that enough to justify buying a new one, though.
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I have the Bosch jig saw.  It works well and is easy to control.  Blade changes are easy.  I have a vague recollection that it was expensive, but that no longer bothers me.  The ease of blade changes, and the ease of control of the saw are the only thing I really worry about.

My previous (piece of junk) jig saw was a Skilsaw, and blade changes were ponderous and controlling the cuts was challenging.
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My previous jig saw was a Craftsman; it was pure junk, and that's putting it mildly.

I bought the Bosch to replace it; very happy with the Bosch.  There's a tremendous difference in the performance of those two saws.

As for price difference:  the difference became a minor, almost invisible, difference while using the new saw to complete decorative cuts on the end of rafters for my pergola project.

Now I don't dread reaching for the jig saw when I need it.
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If you get a Bosh, new or used, you will not regret it; and most likely it wont die of old age sitting on the shelf.  As someone pointed out, ease of use and blade changing have given the Bosh a great reputation.

The only time my DeWalt sees the light of day is when someone needs to borrow a Jigsaw.
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Do you have any cordless tools?  If you do I would look for a cordless JS that uses that size battery.  I hate corded tools now.  Since you don't use it often I think getting a JS w/o a battery would be cheaper than a corded tool.  I have had Dewalt, Craftsman, and General Electric.  Didn't like any of those.  I now have a Craftsman cordless 20V - had it since Christmas and still haven't used it.

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Buy the new Bosch, and put the old saw in the boat. Next time you need a heavy fishing line weight, you'll have it.

The Revos apparently are designed to clamp railroad ties and pull together horrifically prepared joints
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The only Ryobi tools I own are an impact driver & a right angle drill.  The driver is OK.  The right angle drill is very poorly designed.  I won't go into details.

My main issue with Ryobi is they have a known issue with their batteries not taking a charge and showing "defective".  Apparently it is an internal control board problem.  There is a fix for this which works.

So for no other reason then the battery I would stay away from Ryobi.  That said, I personally would not buy a Ryobi jigsaw.

I have both a Bosch and a DeWalt.  I would say they are about equal.
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I have several Ryobi cordless tools and a bunch of batteries, so I would go this route for a cordless tool. The only battery that has died so far was one of the original blue NiCad batteries. All of my newer batteries are still going strong.
I haven't used my old saw in about a year, so it probably doesn't make sense to get the Bosch. I will use my dad's ancient jig saw for my rush job, and then decide which saw to get.
Thanks for the input.

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