Safety Switch for Table Saw
  Re: Safety Switch for Table Saw by hankgillette (I’ve been wanting to...)
I got one from Amazon and it was strictly "plug and play".  Once the switch is mounted, you plug it into the wall and then plug the saw's plug into the switch.  No wiring involved.

I got this one:

I use it for my router table and its performance has been flawless.
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  Re: Safety Switch for Table Saw by hankgillette (I’ve been wanting to...)
(08-25-2019, 08:48 PM)hankgillette Wrote: I’ve been wanting to put one of these switches on my General contractor’s saw for a long time, because I am always fumbling around trying to find the off switch. Apparently, there is a demand for them, because I saw about 20 different models on Amazon.

The thing is, it seems every one has problems, including:

• No instructions
• No wiring diagram
• Won’t fit into a standard electrical box
• Screws provided are wrong size or too short

I realize a lot of people don’t need a wiring diagram or directions, and for them it’s probably no big deal to get the screws or electrical box needed, but it seems to me that some company could do a good business with a product that provide instructions that a non-electrician can follow, fits into a standard box, or provides a replacement, and provides the right hardware. Anyone know of such a switch?

Oh yeah, I’d also like it to be magnetic, although that is not a deal-breaker.

Hank Gillette

This is one I made for my Hammer K3 ...

Perspex on wood.

Works brilliantly, so much so that this temporary version has not been replaced by a planned aluminium version.

Regards from Perth

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