How to stop Minwax spray polycrylic can from spurting so often?
  Re: RE: How to stop Minwax spray polycrylic can from spurting so often? by Phil Thien (After brushing a coa...)
(09-01-2019, 05:42 PM)Phil Thien Wrote: After brushing a coat, mist some Windex on with a fine mister (one of those little finger pump sprayers). The Windex will smooth it out as it drys.

Test on scrap.

I may try that sometime. 

Also, I think I found where a majority of the problem was coming from: I was positioning my finger too much towards the front of the spray button, and since skin is flexible, it would become wrapped around the top front of the part where the spray comes out when I pressed down. The finish that was coming out at the highest point would thus become caught on the bottom of my finger and build up, which would then be pushed forward as bigger droplets when it dripped into the rest of the mist. Granted, I've only tried it this way once, but it made a night-and-day difference. Plus, I remember using these cans at times in the past and rarely if ever having this same problem, so it may just have been an accidental change in how I was pressing the button that was the cause of the problem.
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