2 days, just walking around
and dodging raindrops.  Was at the West Liberty Tractor Fest, Saturday and Sunday....all types of farm tractors...
And other "engines"..
to one of the largest flea markets in the area ( 20 of which had old tools! ) and they even had a saw mill, run from the PTO of a Farmall Tractor..
Trying to saw a few Pine logs.   One vendor had a trailer set up.. Cool
Seemed to have 2 of everything ( at least) that a Blacksmith could want.. Winkgrin
Anvils were from $425 to $700, DPs were around $125 ( $120-$130)and there were tables set up everywhere.. Cool
Some tables were just one tool, though.. Rolleyes 
Others had tubs filled with "goodies" Winkgrin 
Had to keep a sharp eye out...some good items tended to hide under other things...
Look closely...see that spokeshave?    I did....Stanley #54... Cool =$5....
Looks like this will be a multi-part post....stay tuned Winkgrin
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  Re: 2 days, just walking around by bandit571 (and dodging raindrop...)
So, besides the Spokeshave... Confused
What else did I scrounge up? Rolleyes 
North Brothers YANKEE No. 41, with all 8 bits in the handle... Cool  $10 also bought 2 hand planes for that amount..
No. 3 size....I passed on a $60 dollar pair of woodies ( already have a Stanley 45 )
That's $30 each plane, Match Planes, for Tongue & Groove work...Paused by two others...
When I came back later, the rebate plane was gone( other one didn't have an iron) No 
Couldn't figure this saw out....and passed it by.   A few other tables had a few handsaws...got too many now Uhoh 
Solid wood..but..where is the rest of it? Confused    One place, I picked 6 bandsaw blades, 80" long...for $30..... Winkgrin  and..
Stanley No. 6, type 7/8?   Spares box in the shop has the rest of the parts.. Cool  $10, too Winkgrin
"We have work to do.." Now, IF I can just get that pink tractor out of my mind.. Winkgrin
Tractor Fest is still going on today...I think I've had enough fun ( and walking) for the weekend...Came home with an empty glass jug for a lamp kit. 
Fest is every Labor Day Weekend.....usually over  100 tractors of all makes, and models....and the "Hit & Miss Engines" have their own area to set up in.   LOTS of food vendors...but, no booze..West Liberty, OH is a Dry Town.   Lots of people, too.   Not too bad of a weekend?
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: 2 days, just walking around by bandit571 (and dodging raindrop...)
Looks like FUN!!

Cool Cool Cool
Mark Singleton

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  Re: 2 days, just walking around by bandit571 (and dodging raindrop...)
Yea, we have 2 events similiar to yours. One has the permanent sawmill setup also, ran by a steam tractor with belt drive. Old timey event for sure.
And the guys with the cases of tools....I think they go to about all of these type shows.


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WaterlooMark 02/9/2020

  Re: 2 days, just walking around by bandit571 (and dodging raindrop...)
Those in PA should take note, this coming weekend is the Nittany Tractor Show and HUGE flea market, in Centre Hall, PA (not that far for you Bandit). Starts Thursday and peters out late Saturday/early Sunday.
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  Re: 2 days, just walking around by bandit571 (and dodging raindrop...)
Ok, both of the #3 sized planes are rehabbed..Stanley Defiance was first in line.. Rolleyes
Believe it or not, I have seen worse....so, after about 2 hours of fiddling around...getting the sole looking better.. Rolleyes
And getting the rest of the parts clean....( didn't let the PB soak enough, snapped the tote bollt off Upset )
Tote is just sitting there, for now... Rolleyes

The second #3 was a bit easier to clean up....35 minutes, total...both of these #3 sized planes were $5, each. Winkgrin
Sole was a wee bit better Cool
Sold as a #3 sized Craftsman plane, Made by Sargent Co. as a #408, (stamped under the frog)
Spokeshave and the North Bros. #41 Yankee drill have been cleaned up...Spokeshave needs it iron sharpened up....which leaves,, Rolleyes  
A Stanley No. 6, type 7/8....($10)  was missing 3 items, and they went right here... No  
Had some spares.. Cool
Was a long story, Rolleyes  Japanning was shot ( new paint job) Missing the lever cap ( spares box)  and the iron/chipbreaker ( spares, reworked from a trashed #29) Frog bolts needed to soak overnight in PBlaster...hammer and BIG screwdriver to finally remove those bolts. Winkgrin   Bottom of the rear handle had a crack along one edge, glued that back together.  Sole cleaned ( NO pits found!)  sides cleaned up.  Frog cleaned up, repainted and then shiny areas were cleaned up, again.  Bolts were cleaned, threads and all, 2 washers were too.  Brass parts were shined up.   Cool  iron resharpened, CB mated to the iron ( bent section flattened out, re-sharpened the "hump" part to lay flat on the iron. Cool 

So, now I have a Stanley No. 6 AND a Stanley No. 6c in the shop...#6c is a 2 pat.date type 10.  I do have a Type 9, but it is a No. 7c..... Rolleyes

Not too bad of a weekend? Cool
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: 2 days, just walking around by bandit571 (and dodging raindrop...)
Was unable to extract that broken bolt out of the base.....Easy-outs didn't want to grab ahold....tossed the base in the trash...had other uses for the handles Winkgrin 
Since they were in good shape....was enough of the tote bolt left, too.   Wound up needing the bolt for the knob, as well.. Cool
Since I had an earlier version of the Stanley Defiance #3....a No. 1243, in fact, that didn't have any handles.  As for swapping any of the other "good" parts..
can't swap out these....even the #3's bolt on the chipbreaker is too big...Frogs? Confused  
Nope....can't trade them.... No
Lever caps? Confused 
Afraid not... No 
But, the Stanley No. 1243 is now back in service....as for the rest of the parts?
These will go to the "Spares Box", unless someone else needs them for a Stanley No. 3..... Rolleyes 

They may come in handy, when the next "Rusty & Krusty" plane arrives, needing a few parts... Rolleyes
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: RE: 2 days, just walking around by bandit571 (Was unable to extrac...)
Nice work on the rehab, and the Tractor fest looked cool.

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