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Latex painted surfaces on trim end up with bare spots when subjected to wear. How do you sand these surfaces to level them out, feathering out edges. Any hi-speed sanders will heat the paint uracymaking the surface condition worse. Stripping the paint is absolutely not an option. Upset
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I wouldn't use a power sander on latex. I'm going through this now on our remodel. The previous owner left runs all over the place. So, to get out the runs, I'm using a sharp chisel and a low angle block plane with the mouth adjusted wide open. It isn't perfect but is cuts the run off. then I scuff the area with 120 or 180 grit (whatever is handy). This is so the new joint compound adheres. Then I skim joint compound over the area with a good straight mud-knife and sand smooth with 180g. A sanding block is a must. Then prime it and paint. I want this old abused house to look new. I did it this way upstairs and it looks new. I've done about a quarter of the 1st floor. Yours doesn't sound as bad, I'm skim coating and sanding entire walls. Something else you might try is adding a little water to your joint compound to thin it to make skimming easier. You don't want to build up joint compound or you spend a long time sanding it flat. You should almost be able to see through it.
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Come to think of it, we used Bq/m^3 not pCi/l.  100Bq/m^3 is 2.7pCi/l. So several hundred Bq/m^2 is a whole lot different that several hundred pCi/l.

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I agree.  You will have better results using joint compound to skim coat the recessed areas to bring them up level with the paint than trying to feather the edges of the recesses.  

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Scraping with a very sharp scraper or even a utility blade will shave off material.
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