Curly Cherry Finish?
I have a fairly wide 4/4 curly cherry board to be used for a top on a small table.  The curl is as good as I have ever seen in cherry and I need some suggestions on how best to finish it to keep the curl as visible as possible.  My typical finishing method is Arm R Seal.  I am not particularly interested in staining cherry to enhance the color.  

Thanks in advance.
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Good thing you don't want to stain it, I'm pretty sure it's against federal law. Actually, I think the ARS by itself will do what you want. My old practice with cherry was to apply a little BLO to pop the grain, and then varnish. But to my eyes, the oil based varnish does the grain popping for you. You might try a small spot on the back or a piece of scrap to see what you think. Another one I've tried and like is to first give a coat of garnet shellac, then top coat that. But truthfully, I really like just using the oil based varnishes.
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I agree with Fred.  ARS should look awesome on curly cherry.  I did some studies a few years ago with BLO on cherry and walnut.  It really brought out the depth in my walnut specimens, but with cherry it looked mottled and blotchy.  Oil based varnish alone looked much nicer to me.  

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I found that a spit coat of garnet shellac sanded back before the oil will pop grain and prevent blotching.
Thanks,  Curt
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I also use a thin coat of shellac on cherry before the topcoats.
I like General Finishes Arm-R-Seal satin.

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