Help Me Diagnose My Dishwasher
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(10-09-2019, 06:31 PM)Bibliophile 13 Wrote: The machine worked just fine for about 10 years. Loaded properly, it got things clean. Cascade detergent has always worked best. We’ve tried others but always came back to the Cascade.

Had the repair people take a look at it today. The pump is failing. That’s how these electric motors go out: they fail slowly, gradually losing power until they quit working altogether. In that way, they can mimic a a clog that slowly builds up. Fixing it is less than a new unit, so in a week or so it should be up and running again.

Thanks, everyone, for your input.

           That's what I was thinking after your last post. I think the pump for ours was less than $50 to the door next day from amazon. A total of 20 minutes to change at the time but like i mentioned earlier on ours the new pumps pull more amps and destroy the relays on the board so I modified it with a large HD relay.

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