A Possible Project?
  Re: A Possible Project? by bandit571 (Ok...boxes are done,...)
OK...2 hours IN the shop, plus a 1 hour round trip to pick up 2 Ash planks.   Seems I was running low on Ash.   Two 4/4 x 6" x 8' planks....$10

Shop time... Rolleyes 
gave the Ward's 78 a work out ( and me.. Rolleyes )  bottom of the case needed a rebate for the plywood back..
Along with the sides of the case.. Winkgrin
Double checked with a scrap of plywood..
And the blank for the top of the case....
tenons needed a dado to sit in...set up the Stanley 45...for dado work...means spurs need rotated down..
One was a bit too dull...had a spare in the case.  Picked out the cutter to match the dado's width...
A #14 cutter looked about right....didn't see any #13 cutters...?
Knife lines, and a backsaw to assist as needed...plane is all set to go...

Once the dados are done, I can glue on the front piece of the top...
While the glue dries....I can lay out where the shelves need to go..
using one of the DVD cases.    Have the Poplar and the plywood ready...to cut into shelves and a back for the case.. Winkgrin
Might need to do a few rip cuts? Rolleyes

Stay tuned...
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  Re: A Possible Project? by bandit571 (Ok...boxes are done,...)
Top came out of the clamps today,  then the bandsaw had some fun... Rolleyes
Then the router with a round over bit...after the hand planes flattened the faces, first... Winkgrin 
Set this aside for a bit...laid out for the shelves' dados....then knifed the lines..
Then over to the mitre box... Winkgrin
To cut the walls to depth....Dados are too far in from the ends, long rods on the Stanley 45 can reach.    either way, I'd have to do these steps first, then add a guide for the 45 to follow.   Anyway, from the mitre box to the bench... Rolleyes
Hammer and chisel to pop the waste out...then..
A dado plane to clean the floor of the dados,,,rinse, and repeat....last 2 dados were cleaned up with the 45..sans fence, with the right sized cutter...Dados done, time for the shelves to go into them....one Poplar board was wide enough, but a bit too long....the second one needed cut out off a wide board...turned out, it was also tapered...
Took a while, planed both faces until they were close to flat...made a mess.. Rolleyes
Shelves done...did a dry fit, so I could size and cut the plywood for a back..
So...tomorrow..IF I have enough clamps, cauls, glue and 5 hands.... Uhoh ...I could glue the case up, add the back to square the case...and sit back and watch glue dry Winkgrin
No glue, YET....also wanted to see how the DVD cases will fit.....plywood was marked out, and cut..

Stay tuned Winkgrin
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  Re: A Possible Project? by bandit571 (Ok...boxes are done,...)
Ok...glue, clamps and lots of cussing going on..and a splinter in my thumb, for my troubles.. Uhoh 
Top is attached with screws and glue   ( so IF someone lifts this cabinet by the top, top won't pop off)..
Added a pair of LONG clamps between the top and bottom...Plywood panel needed a bit shaved off, for a better fit..so Rolleyes 
Stanley #5 jack plane, seemed to do the trick.   Which is where I got that splinter in my thumb...trying to brush off "whiskers" with it.. No  

More fun..laying this mess down onto the bench, to where I could nail the back in place... Rolleyes 
Needed a skinny pair of pliers, to hold the 1/2" long nails,  and NOT hit my already sore thumb...then stand this mess back up onto the bench... Winkgrin 
So I could get my fat body past it...rather, past the clamps...tomorrow, I should be able to remove the forest of clamps, and start building a base for this to sit on... Cool
Stay  tuned Winkgrin
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  Re: A Possible Project? by bandit571 (Ok...boxes are done,...)
Ok, out of the clamps...time for a clean up..
lay it down on a side, with the top's overhang held by the vise...clean any squeeze out and clean off the dovetails..
Then the other side....then rotate again, and clean the bottom up Winkgrin 
Even the top got sanded a bit.    Set up the cordless miter saw...
Cut a blank in half...saved one cut-off, to see how close the fit will be.. Rolleyes  
Close, will need cleaned up a bit...the cut the front piece...first was using the same setting on the saw...the other end? Confused  
Swing the saw to the other #4 setting...the pliers are a helping hand...Then return the saw back to 90, and cut a couple blocks...
Glue and clamps....once the glue has dried, I'll use that "pattern" to make more cut outs...blocks will get screwed to the case, and the feet...
So...that was about enough fun for today...stay tuned Winkgrin
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  Re: A Possible Project? by bandit571 (Ok...boxes are done,...)
New blade...1/4", 6TPI... Cool
With some of the cut-offs...
Glue block installed.. Cool 
Tested the side feet...after the cut-out was done..
Details? Confused  
Will attach will a few screws, one per foot.  Trying to decide on an edge treatment.... Confused
Stay tuned Winkgrin
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  Re: A Possible Project? by bandit571 (Ok...boxes are done,...)
Thumb is still sore...even after they dug the sliver of wood out.. No  
The drill bit was installed into the drill press... Rolleyes  
As I needed a few counter-bores done..
Then changed to a pilot hole bit....so I could keep the bit from moving too far from the point it needed to go...I also reinforced the glue joints..
And got out the supplies of screws...
Then glue and screw parts in place.. Rolleyes 
Had a problem....when the front was being installed... Uhoh  
beltsander to adjust the mitered ends of the front piece...was a hair too long...one end would fit, but, not the other....then add a better clamp, to pull things tight..
Intend to fill these with plugs...either Ash, or Walnut.  Ran the round-over bit on the ends.   Could hold the case with the vise, but..to do the front.. Confused
Had to use the vise AND 2 clamps..sanded the round-overs ( burn marks, and such..) and tested to see if a foot was making things rock...planed that down,,now it sits on the bench, without any rocking around.. Cool
So...next time in the shop, thumb permitting, I can start on a door or this thing..
Thumb said it was quitting time, and the battery for the camera was about dead...
Stay tuned... Winkgrin
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  Re: A Possible Project? by bandit571 (Ok...boxes are done,...)
Ok, time to cut the Ash 1 x 6 down into parts for the door....there are a few "problems"  to figure out...
1) nasty weather outside, and can NOT cut the board down on the Dining Room table...

2)plank is just over 8' long.   not a problem where the ceilings are 9' high....but,  I need to go through the kitchen ( 7' ceilings), make two 90 degree turns, and open the door to the basement where the shop is...

3)  getting the plank AND my fat body down those steps to the shop....about 4 steps from the bottom..there is a "header"... a floor joist that when I stand up straight on the 4th step, that hits me right at my shoulder....

4)   Tablesaw is buried.   Miter saw (No. 358 Stanley) will not hold an 8' plank well enough....so, I have to move the plank and me so I can clamp it into the bench's end vise....blocking access to half the shop....the half with the handsaws, BTW....

5)..waiting on Brunch to settle....before I tackle this "little" task....cussing WILL be involved Upset    names may be changed to protect the guilty parties Rolleyes  Photos will be taken, as proof....that nothing got broken along the way.... Rolleyes 

Not sure where to lay a few things, so I can grab them as needed....saw, square, pencil, tape measure...hopefully, the Atkins No. 65 will be usable for the cross cuts...need two pieces of 1 x 6, to make a glued up panel....and then try a bread board edge on the ends...

With any luck, and Mr. Murphy taking a day off,  film at 2300 hrs....I hope...
Stay tuned  (hearing protection may be needed.... Winkgrin )
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  Re: A Possible Project? by bandit571 (Ok...boxes are done,...)
Sounds like you need some front porch saw horses.
  Re: A Possible Project? by bandit571 (Ok...boxes are done,...)
After a few twists and turns... Winkgrin
Arrived at this doorway...signs said it was the place... Cool
Stairway didn't look too "inviting" Rolleyes 
Managed to make the left turn, and plop the plank down...and take a break.. Winkgrin 
Then figure out how long to make two pieces...and mark that..
Complete with a knife wall to make the cut...plank was soooo long, I needed "back up".. Rolleyes  
Kind of hard to clamp one end into the vise...with 6'+ sticking out the back...just to get enough clearance..
Circled area is where the cut will be...
Wasn't the easiest to clamp up...one edge was a bit wavy... Winkgrin 
Atkins No. 65, 26", 8ppi...tested...took a while, will be sending it off to Piqua, OH, to be sharpened up...needed a Cardio workout, anyway.. Uhoh

Seemed too do a decent, if slow, job....got two pieces cut....1 x 6 x 24"....wanted a little extra on the ends, So I can square the ends up, after a glue up..

Next episode?   Hand planes to get these 2 ready for a glue up..
Stay tuned... Winkgrin

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  Re: A Possible Project? by bandit571 (Ok...boxes are done,...)
Ok...edges needed jointed...One edge wasn't too bad...
Got the two "better edges " done, with the No. 6.....wanted to be where they matched up.  Place the 2 parts face to face, with the jointed edges down...and clamped into the leg vise..I did check for any gaps between the two jointed edges,,,
Then into the vise, along with a c clamp.. Cool
This is what I needed to fix... Rolleyes   
Might take a while?   The No. 6 was set up for thinner shavings...when with both a Stanley 5-1/2, and a Millers Falls No. 14... Cool
Getting close...a few more swipes to go...then the check for gaps again...
Nothing holding the top in place....bead of glue, rubbed a bit....then some clamps and cauls... Cool 
And the other side? Confused  
24" long panel....and I still have a 6' of plank left Confused  Hmmm..planks may have been a tad longer than 8'?   Bought 2 such planks, one is @ 4/4....mean there was almost 10bf....I spent $10 total...may see IF I can cobble a table out of the "leftovers"?

Stay tuned..be heading to the shop after Supper..and get the clamps removed...
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