Fan not pulling air thru the window?
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(10-18-2019, 04:03 AM)Wild Turkey Wrote: Back in the days before air conditioning. . .  Rolleyes

Houses were often built with tall windows that would be open top and bottom -- hot air going out the top, coming in the bottom.

Worked well back them, would work even better with a fan helping Cool

That's what I have to do in my MB.  it's at the top of the house, and there's a pretty good stack effect of warm air rising from the rest of the house into the MB.  A fan in the window can't push all that hot air back downstairs.

So either run the mini split, or open the top of one window and the bottom of another.  Hot air exits out the top and cool air comes in the bottom - especially if I close the bedroom door to seal off the rest of the house.
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