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(10-28-2019, 06:22 PM)Herb Wrote: I would like to remove the paint from my shop to a refrigerator (of no use).  My question is, what size light bulb would I need to keep the paint from freezing.  Though for the most part do not go below freezing much, we have been down to 10 degrees.

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When I worked out of my garage I made a plywood box lined with 2" blue Styrofoam. I tried different wattage bulbs, 15 watt bulb kept the box warm even when the garage temperature went below 15°. I stored paint cans that were partially used upside down. Any skim was on the bottom.
  Re: Paint storage by Herb (I would like to remo...)
Store non-combustible or latex products in a closet in the house just for the winter is an option too.
  Re: Paint storage by Herb (I would like to remo...)
FWIW a coke cooler will get to 90 degrees if the refrigeration fails- and the only heat source is a 9 watt evaporator fan motor.


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