Makita B05030 ROS
This thing is just over a year old I guess and already the pad is worn where it won't hold the sanding discs. Even when it was new, I noticed the discs would become off center. I use it only for wood and I'm in the middle of a project and this thing is useless.

 The cheap Ryobi I bought and paid almost half as much for around the same time to use on sharp, and dirty metal work that gets abused and used more often, is still going strong and holds pads the makita won't.

The Porter Cable ROS I had for 12+ years or so only needed one pad replacement.

I've always been a Makita fan, but since they obviously have no quality control anymore, this sander is going in the trash.  I see no reason to continue buying pads that will fail- unless the new pads have been improved, but i doubt it.

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  Re: Makita B05030 ROS by daddo (This thing is just o...)
That is a bummer! I have two Makita ROSs (not VS), no issues so far.  One must be 5 or 6 years old.  I did have to change the pads on both PC ROSs, but they were very old and I had loaned both to a friend who had some guys helping him get his house ready to paint.  I am convinced the "operators" forgot to put on the sanding disc at some point.

Anytime you pay $100 plus for a ROS you have the right to expect the pad to hold up!  I sure hope Makita has not lowered the quality on its tools!!!!!!!!
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