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I need some lights for my garage and basement workshop.  I remember someone here making some recommendations (I think it was from Amazon) but can't find the thread.  Any recommendations?  I'd prefer 4-6', 8' would probably be too long
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I usually like to use regular fixtures... A friend wanted electrical and lights etc run in his new building but didn't want to spend a fortune on lights which at $25+ per fixture they can quickly cost as much as the sheet metal for the building... 
            I ended up putting these in his shop. Shop Lights They are linkable and they are surprisingly bright for their size and price. His building is about 25' deep and 35' wide (guessing right now). It's a metal building and the 3 main tubes run the width of the building. So I ran lights down the front and rear beam. 3 on each side of another beam going front to rear. The ceiling is from about 12' up to 15' and standing on a ladder driving self drilling screws into metal is so fun...

             I meant to check the amp draw but forgot to last time I was up there. I put in the 4100K ones which are a nice white light no ugly yellow and no blue tinge to them. If you have cataracts everything looks yellow to you anyway...

           I have a combination of 4' T8 fixtures and 8' single tube T8 fixtures in my shop that are not as bright as these cheap lights... I plan on putting direct wire LED T8s in the 4' fixtures but not sure what I want to do with the 8' ones as all upgrades for them cost more than just buying 2 new LED fixtures... Then I do plan on adding some of these cheap lights in certain areas for more light cause they are cheap and they work well. Probably in the garage as well. I would not use them as under cabinet lights as they would be way too much light.

               The drawbacks to these lights... The clips that hold them are flimsy things but they do work. They would be much easier to install in a wood framed building but I never have it easy. The included pigtails are too short to use so just toss them and cut the tails off the extra parts(you will get a bundle of extensions and power cords) That's about it.
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Those are the ones I was looking for but couldn't find! Thank you, already ordered.

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