Weighty Solution
10 years ago I made a featherboard using dial indicator switchable magnetic bases. It has worked well for the $15.00 investment. The one downside was it's weight as it moves the scale to just over 5 lbs.

3 years ago I made the wooden shroud for use in collecting dust when pattern routing on the router table. I used a cobbled together clamp arrangement to hold the shroud in position.

A week ago I was moving things around and found the featherboard and dust shroud in my hands. A light bulb went on (a somewhat dim bulb perhaps) that I could use these two together.

The featherboard slips nicely over the tapered opening of the dust shroud and the weight holds it in place. Also the shroud can be re-positioned easily.


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  Re: Weighty Solution by wjt (10 years ago I made ...)
Looks good. I enjoy making shop items like that

Working on it Winkgrin


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