Use for a plank?
  Re: Use for a plank? by bandit571 (Still have one plank...)
Looking Good! 

About the best I could hope for from my Craftsman bandsaw was a 3/8" blade. Wider blades just bogged down sooner. We flipped a coin at circle saw time and now have a RAS. At best that thing is an oversize chopsaw. But, for the $100 bribe to buy back the motor, recall, the RAS is still a value.
  Re: Use for a plank? by bandit571 (Still have one plank...)
35 minutes in the shop, Friday....swept the floor a bit, cleared off the largest flat area in the shop ( since using the Dinning Room Table was vetoed.. Rolleyes )..
Had to lower the saw blade, too....grabbed a bit of plywood to lay on the shop's top, and spread out the 9 sticks for the table's top.. Cool  
First sort...meh...try again.. Confused  
Hmmm, not quite right....tried a few more patterns...finally rotate the plywood...
Move a board or two around....then rotate 8 of the boards.. Cool  
To make spread a bead of glue along each edge...the rotate each slat back into place, moosh the glue back and forth until it "sticks", then..
Clamps  and cauls...double cauls on the ends, to keep them flat...for now.   Pipe clamp helped in the middle of the panel...looked for a bead of glue all along the joints.
Then closed up shop for the day.....had to go to Piqua, OH. and pick up a freshly sharpened Atkins No. 65 Perfection saw...$10 for the sharpening service..
Of course, I had to give it a test drive, when I got home...
On the 4/4 x 6" Ash plank...
Not too bad,  nice and easy to use.

Maybe this afternoon, I might try to mill some leg blanks...stay tuned Winkgrin
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Use for a plank? by bandit571 (Still have one plank...)
Got the panel off the tablesaw...and most of the clamps put away.. Cool
Leaving the cauls on, for now.    Set up the rip fence, after trimming two planks to length...rips were for 2" width on the first edges...kind of wavy Rolleyes

Next rip setting was for 1-5/8" width....wound up with 6 blanks to mill a bit more....reset blade and fence, to resaw the face to 7/8" thick, final pass was at 3/4" thick....Needed 8 blanks, but ran out of another stick this week... Uhoh

Then came glue and clamps...had to use the end vise to help out.. Winkgrin
Trying to align and close up... Rolleyes
Then lay them over on the tablesaw, until the glue is done... Cool
Looked at the clock....had been in the shop for exactly one hour.....empty the clothes dryer, and haul the hamper upstairs....shoptime is done.. Cool

Stay tuned.. Winkgrin
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  Re: Use for a plank? by bandit571 (Still have one plank...)
Just an  update.    Took Sunday off from the shop.    Monday, shop is usually closed.....road trip to buy a couple sticks of Ash....8bf...paid $6 total..... Cool

Will see how today goes along.... Rolleyes
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  Re: Use for a plank? by bandit571 (Still have one plank...)
Well...hauled a 1 x 6 x 5' plank to the shop.   Left the rest upstairs.   Atkins No.65 to cross cut the plank a bit.   one section to provide blanks for one leg...then cut the remainder in half.   Then, since the 2 rip saws are out, being sharpened,  it was time for the tablesaw to rip a few blanks.    Picked the best 2  leg blanks, matched for the grain pattern...and glue and clamps...and a vise... Winkgrin
May have used a tad too much glue.. Rolleyes 
Ya think? Confused   Also ripped some stock for bread board ends.. Winkgrin  
And trimmed the best section out, for length..and stashed them aside...
They can sit here, until I work on the top.  There was enough leftover...
That I can sort for the best figure for aprons ( and maybe a drawer?) 

The other 3 legs are out of the clamps... Winkgrin
So, when the 4th comes out of the clamps, I can start on cleaning the glue joints, and tapering the two sides....need to square the ends of #4 to match the first 3..
Maybe tomorrow....stay tuned.. Winkgrin
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  Re: Use for a plank? by bandit571 (Still have one plank...)
Went to the shop, last night, to "work off" a bit of Turkey Dinner.   Mainly to get the 4th leg out of the clamps.   Then, decided to plane the dried glue off.... Rolleyes
Figured IF I could plane one edge, I could then run the other edge through the saw.   Less work for me.   Was using a jack plane, when it stopped cutting....about one good swipe, then nothing?    Set it down to get a different jack.....when the non-working jack decided to go on a trip.... Upset
Flipped off the bench, right onto the concrete floor....rear handle first...OK....decided to see WHY  it had stopped cutting, since I normally use the other jack plane.. Confused  
Iron was sharp....seemed to be clogged up... No 
Well...maybe when I get better, I'll see about a new tote, and re-tune the chipbreaker....
As for the 4th leg....laid out the tapers, using a straight edge.    5" down from the "top", the taper the time the taper reaches the foot, leg is 1" wide... Cool 

Plan for today?  Since Turkey Dinner was yesterday, maybe I can taper the other 3 legs?    May need to install a new blade in the bandsaw.....I "hog off" most of the waste with the bandsaw...then clean the taper with a plane.   Trying to leave the best looking grain alone....and cut the defects off with the tapers.   Might even get the Stanley 45 Bead cutter  to make a bead down the outside corner.  Confused

As for the busted jack plane....will use it for parts, for now......until I can find a new type 3 rear handle.  Made during WW2, wood is just a hardwood, not the fancier stuff.  I didn't see any other damage....plane can just sit on the shelf for a while.    Let the Type 2 handle the work. Cool

Stay tuned.... Winkgrin
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  Re: Use for a plank? by bandit571 (Still have one plank...)
Ok...tapering a leg.   Not up to hand plane work for this.   I used a bandsaw, to hog off the waste, and THEN plane away the saw marks until the taper is even , and smooth....first step..
Mark a line 5" down from the top of the leg.    Down at the foot, I leave about 1".   Straight edge to mark a line to saw to.  Sometimes, a knot is in the way.. Rolleyes 
We have the time the second taper is cut,
The knot was gone.. Winkgrin 
Then rig up a way to hold the leg still.. Cool  
And send in the clean-up crew... Winkgrin
Millers Falls #14 Jack plane to clean the rough stuff off, Stanley #3 smooth plane to smooth things out, rotate, repeat, on to the next leg...until all 4 have been tapered.  Turns out the legs weren't square at the top.   Reset the tablesaw saw, run the "wide" section through, so it matches the narrow side,  smooth plane to clean up.. Cool
Stacked all 4 aside, while I set up for other things...
Like getting out the router, with a round-over bit..since I was informed that the Shakers did not run a bead down the outside corners of the legs... No
Note:  While doing these tapered legs, ALWAYS mark at the top of the leg where each taper is, helps when you get to the last leg, and need to know which faces get the tapers...almost messed up... No
Note the scratched out one..    Also, mortises also go on the tapered sides.....nice way to keep track of where to mortise at. 
Until I start on the aprons, this will do it for the legs.... Winkgrin

Stay tuned for working on the table's top... Cool
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  Re: Use for a plank? by bandit571 (Still have one plank...)
Ok, legs out of the way?   Including mine? Rolleyes   I left the cleats in place on the bench.   Removed the clamps and cauls from the panel for the top....and plopped in onto the bench....after I had trimmed the ends square, they needed it.. Uhoh
There was also other areas needing worked on... Rolleyes
ya think? 
other side was worse....anyway, planes to level the playing field..gave an older one a "try"
While it worked, it was a bit too long..22" Cool ..switched to a shorter plane Rolleyes  
Stanley #6.    Got things decently flat, rotated the panel 90 degrees, and finished up with the smoother...
And no tear out!   flip the panel over, time for side 2..
Hmmm...yeeesh.  Raised  Same as before, just with the #6 this time...until it was ready for the #3... Cool  
Takes awhile...makes a mess, too... Uhoh
And...this was just the first of 2 such piles.   2 sessions in the shop hours was just over 3 hours, PLUS clean-up time..
Even got out the Wards (Stanley) #78....seemed a bit dull....sharpened the iron up...and got nicked putting the iron back in.    Had to rotate the nicker...after it was honed a bit..whew...and got a start on the bread board ends.. Cool
need to flip the board over, repeat this cut.   Then rotate the board around, and do the other end....and plough a groove in two end pieces...
That will be next time....stay tuned Winkgrin
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  Re: Use for a plank? by bandit571 (Still have one plank...)
Well, top has both bread board ends in place, now.   Clamps came off this morning....then the #3 Stanley and a sander or two.... Winkgrin 
This is now the "Underside" due to a chipout at one corner..( out of sight, out of mind)

Then set a 1" overhang, and laid out where the legs will go...and where the 1/2" long tenons will end....then started cutting apron blanks... Cool
Mitersaw to square one end...then a cut for length... Cool   
1st one done...3 more to do...
Then lay out and mill 1/2" long tenons on each end...
Until all the tenons were milled... Cool
Yes, I do tenons first....need to clear off the bench, and set up a jig to mortise the legs....maybe after the games, today? Confused
As for that chip out?  
Is a bit too showy to try a fix.. No, it will be the underside of the table's top... Cool
Stay tuned.... Winkgrin
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  Re: Use for a plank? by bandit571 (Still have one plank...)
Cleared off the bench...then got out the tools to chop 8 mortises.. Winkgrin  
Used two squares, to do the layout, along with a tenon..
To get something like this... Cool 
Then a mortise chisel to dig a hole....and then check with a tenon, for fit... Winkgrin   
Not quite deep enough? No   Dig a bit more...
Had a few "crumbs" down in the hole, to shake out.   One done, 7 to go....

Finally, was able to do a full dry fit...
2 hours of work, half of it sitting on... Rolleyes 
The Shop Stool.   Decided to hang the apron up...
Think that might do, for one day? Confused 

Need to make 4 corner blocks, before I can glue the "base" together.   Have to see IF I have enough Pine scraps....then cut 45 degree ends on them.  drill a few holes...and then see about how to clamp this all together, with glue. 
Have one more day to get this done....then I have to stay out of the shop until the leg heals.  Don't want to pop that plug out.. No

Stay tuned Winkgrin
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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