Mallet specials
(11-25-2019, 12:53 PM)RonB1957 Wrote: Looks like I have just a few left. One of the long joinery mallets had a chip in the top where I popped the handle through. ie: 2nd. It was epoxied back on but it is still visible if you look for it. The ebony one is mine. Of all the handles, the CNC cut the tenon 0.020" too small. Figures.
Sad   So I kept that one.
Big Grin
Until I make another batch.....that's all she wrote.
All the other mallets, except for one, have been shipped. Thank you and best holiday wishes.

20.1 Mahogany handled mallet spoken for.
27.6 mallet spoken for.
Mallet and scribe just showed up and they look great. Thanks Ron.
Yes indeed, gorgeous work. I'll whack a chisel this weekend and we'll how it does. What is the endcap maerial?
Thanks,  Curt
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(11-28-2019, 11:36 PM)cputnam Wrote: Yes indeed, gorgeous work.  I'll whack a chisel this weekend and we'll how it does.  What is the endcap maerial?

End cap material is just vegetable tanned leather. About 9 ounce/ 1/8" thick. Some mallets have a thicker leather.
Thank you,
Mine arrived today and WOW is it beautiful.. Feels well balanced and fits my hand well.
Will try to give some use this weekend as well.
Thanks again Ron for offering these here.
Well, do wack a do and let me know what you guys think.
Best wishes.

Anyone done any pounding with these yet?
(11-29-2019, 05:35 PM)RonB1957 Wrote: Well, do wack a do and let me know what you guys think.
Best wishes.

Anyone done any pounding with these yet?

Feed Back?
Ron, I have used my mallet a fair amount for the last 2 weeks and think it’s awesome. I was concerned that the handle was shorter than I was used to but your mallet feels very well balanced. I am liking the leather face as well. I’ve never used a mallet with one before. The weight of the head is sufficient for chisel work but doesn’t wear you out.
I love mine.
I'm in agreement with johndi. The balance is good, the shorter handle is a plus. I'm working on a project and its perfect for reaching inside to adjust the frame.joints.

One possible improvement would be to ovalize the handle. Something like a pig sticker. I don't know if this would be feasible from a production or cost standpoint.

Again I love the mallet. In fact I may have get a big one as well!
I bought the bigger mallet. I’ve been using it for mortising and I like it.

Things I like:
The face is angled so the strike is perpendicular. Subtle.
The handle is contoured to be comfortable. It’s directional so you can align the mallet by feel.
The handle is shaped nicely so I can loosen my grip to choke up or down by feel. The bottom tapers out so it grabs at the end.
It’s beautiful. The split nut is a fantastic touch.

Things I don’t like:
The leather strap is just a little stretchy. Feels like a gentleman’s tool instead of something rugged. Not a big deal. I’m not going to change it. Maybe I’m supposed to wrap it around my wrist while I use the mallet so it doesn’t fly across the room when I lose my grip? (J/k)
To be clear, I do like that there’s a strap.
That’s it.

When I saw the pictures, I thought the leather face might not hold up, but it really does look like it’s sturdy. I plan to use that face just for assembly, so I don’t think I’ll push it to the limit.

Overall, I love it. It’s a big upgrade for me. The reason I bought it was that my other mallet frustrates me sometimes.


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