Secret Santa...
It seems like about the right time for this thread as it's been pretty quiet since the names went out...

For the record, I've already finished my shopping for my recipient. It was a bit harder this year to find any information to go on, but I think I may have done okay. The only question now is do I wait for a couple weeks before shipping it out? Or do I send it to him now with a note to wait until Christmas? Winkgrin

Merry Christmas, everyone! 

Dave Smile
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  Re: Secret Santa... by Big Dave (It seems like about ...)
Merry Christmas everyone!

My gift has been completed and is currently its the way to my recipient. I cannot decide if it is a wholly shop-made or a purchased item. The lines are somewhat blurry. It depends on how you look at it. I hope he likes it!
Bob Page
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  Re: Secret Santa... by Big Dave (It seems like about ...)
Mine went out Monday and he was my Ornament Exchange person also.  Yes Yes
It is always the right time, to do the right thing.

Hi, I'm Arlin's proud wife! His brain trma & meds-give memory probs and has pain from injuries, but all is well materially & financially.  

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