Pepper Grinder
  Re: Pepper Grinder by wrx4sabelle (Hi - just made my fi...)
Another vote for walnut here.
Air dried looks different than kiln dried.
I bet your wife loves it!
Nicely done
  Re: RE: Pepper Grinder by Dusty Workshop (Another vote for wal...)
Thanks for all your inputs, it looks like most votes are for black walnut, so that's what we'll call it.  We used it the last few days and it works great, a nice addition to the kitchen, and makes for a happy wife.  As mentioned I have one more kit to make, probably send it to my sister as surprise.

  Re: Pepper Grinder by wrx4sabelle (Hi - just made my fi...)
What kit did you use for the grinder? I'm a relatively new turner, but I'd like to try a grinder. Yours looks great! Thanks!

  Re: Pepper Grinder by wrx4sabelle (Hi - just made my fi...)
Pretty much any walnut I have worked with had a very distinct odor/smell...Having grown up around a very productive walnut tree as a kid, the smell was easily recognizable...
  Re: RE: Pepper Grinder by wrx4sabelle (Thanks for the reply...)
(12-24-2019, 08:15 PM)wrx4sabelle Wrote: Thanks for the reply.  The grinder is 8" tall as I thought that would be a good size for my wife to use in the kitchen.  I have another kit that I will make out of walnut, I think, also 8".

I  used the end for the jam chuck, and a little was cut off due to checking, but here is the raw wood - maybe someone can tell what it is.  Doesn't have a lot of aroma.


"Start off slow and taper off."
  Re: RE: Pepper Grinder by mpax356 ([quote='wrx4sabelle'...)
(01-03-2020, 03:51 PM)mpax356 Wrote: Walnut

Possibly Butter Nut? It is in the walnut family.

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