Evolve Recycled Paint (from Habitat Re-Store)???
Anyone have experience with "Evolve Ultra Premium Recycled Latex Paint" from the Habitat for Humanity Re-store?

Closing on our house next week, and the garage has tired-looking 20 year old paint - I want to freshen it up before moving in.  Not looking for magazine-layout design, just something to slap on the walls and make it look a little better.  Price is good -- $56.95 for a 5 gal bucket and then a 40% discount (~$6.84/gal). 

I'd never heard of recycled paint and don't know anyone who has used it -- very tempted since it's cheap and since it's just a garage.  I've googled, but can't find anything other than ads from the manufacturer.  

Quote:Why Evolve Paints?

Millions of Gallons of unused paints are left lying around in garages across the US. We collect and repackage this paint. They are as good as new, just a lot more greener for the planet.

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I think all paint is now “ultra” “premium”.
They pick up my dead paint at the store and recycle it. I just gave them 200 gallons the other day of old paint that was sitting on the shelf. All they do is blend all the paints together and repackage it. Its a write off for me and they get a usable product.
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I've heard that paint has a shelf life....for some reason 6 or 7 years comes to mind. So how old is their paint?

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It must be hard to get a consistent product between batches, but 5g can easily put a couple coats on a garage.

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For the use you described, I don't think I would worry about it. That said, I've not heard anyone complain that it was unusable (but I've not tried it myself). When I repaint my shop (if I ever do) I'll use it.
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It has to be better than the "cut rate" bargain, cheapest, apartment maintenance, Eco(nomical) colored water I picked up on clearance at the borg. I have a hard time wrapping my brain around crap paint for a few pennies less than the third rate mix. ... Or, did I get the fifth cut?

Kinda makes you wonder what the Premium level is. Trouble is, the one-formula company I trusted 20 years ago was squeezed out of business.

My ReStore has original pails for much less than Evolve. You could do your shop in hot pink, or charcoal black. Barph yellow is really popular last year.
I think my mom used to  buy all her paint at the re-store.  And then she would custom mix.  That doesn't always work for some reason.  I gave most of it back, and went through a batch of kitty litter getting rid of the stuff that had gone bad or that had ended up as a particularly awful color.
painting sucks....especially the prep work.

I'll stick with known good quality paint so I don't have to paint as often.

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