Shooting Board Miter Accessory
Here's a different take on a donkey ear.  This rig is specifically allows me to shoot small box corners although it has proven useful for similar tasks on other things.  It was built to fit one of my shooting boards but, could be easily modified to fit yours.
I cut a 1/2" BB ply panel to width.
Use a sled to cut the length dead square.
I cut other parts to shape and length.  I use stops to assure a good repeated cut.
I cut a 45* groove for the plane edge to rest in.
I assemble the parts with glue and screws.  This thing is sized to one of my block planes that I added a regular front knob and ball-tail to.  I tend to use this plane like a low-angle #3 but, it does duty as a shooter on this rig.
If I do everything right, I get nice tight mitered corners on small items.
Obviously this is just some scrap stock I used to demo.  The important aspects are that the jig sets flat on your shooting board and has some way to attach securely.  My board happens to use the Lee Valley track (merry Xmas to me) so the "runner" along the bottom that you see in the first pic is sized for that.  It just drops in the track and the body rests against the normal shooting board fence.  The act of hanging on to the stock for shooting also secures the jig.
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Thanks for that idea! Do believe I will take a page from your book in the near future and build one.

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