Two electrical questions
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I'll show it when it arrives!

Another question, now.

I think I know the answer, but just being cautious:

Looking at the wiring diagram for this blower, wiring it to only run on high, am I correct in choosing BLACK and YELLOW?

I run both of them to my switch, and then the ground in the chord to the grounding point on the motor?

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(01-21-2020, 04:13 PM)®smpr_fi_mac® Wrote: I do need the C designation but am not wedded to *this* motor.  I may just hunt for a proper AC motor.

There are lots of DC motor controllers for sale.  Your motor needs 3 amps at 90 volts and that's not a lot.  Many DC controllers are a simple box with a 120volt AC plug on one end and a place to hook up the two motor wires usually inside the box.  These controllers can allow you to vary the motor's speed with a twist of a knob.  They're great for drill presses and small wood lathes.  I've had two drill presses that I've put DC motors on.  Really nice.
  Re: Two electrical questions by ®smpr_fi_mac® (First question: Can...)

Are these permanent magnet motors or generated field motors that you used?

My motor needs two sources of DC power; one to feed the field generator, and one to feed the motor. I'm not currently looking at the motor, but I think there are six (maybe 8?) wires inside the box for the two circuits.
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  Re: Two electrical questions by ®smpr_fi_mac® (First question: Can...)
Take the DC motor to a motor shop, preferably one that is 40+ years old with some old codgers working in it.

You might still get some help/service from a "big" motor shop, but you need to bring cash and offer to pay whatever they ask.

Just be prepared. The old motor shops are scarce today.
  Re: Two electrical questions by ®smpr_fi_mac® (First question: Can...)
Another vote for a DC motor on a drill press.

If you plan to use your DP for metal it is, as
far as I am concerned, essential to be able to
dial down the speed.

Most drill presses sold are equipped with motors
far too fast for metal work.
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