Now that the Router case is done...I still have a few boards to make "something" out of.... Rolleyes  
had these...and a pair of 3/4' by 6 x 4' planks of flat sawn Ash.  Did a bit of rip and cross cutting....got bit by a chunk coming back off the saw..
What I get for using a tablesaw...at least the T-shirt slowed it down enough.  Wound up with a few "shorts"
One MIGHT make a decent  drawer front?  The rest of the flat sawn stuff, once the bad knots were removed, wavy edge straightened... Confused
3 board glue up...about 14 x 22 or so...tried to line up the grain... Cool 
May add a bread board edge to make a decent table top...

But wait, there's more..... Winkgrin  still sitting upstairs, there are 3 more planks... Cool 
Except these are all quarter sawn Ash.. Winkgrin 
And two of the 3 have a bit of "live edge" to them...
Maybe some apron stock.....maybe rip  the non-live edged one into blanks to glue up into legs..tapered, of course Rolleyes 

maybe a table with a drawer?    Leave the live edges on the bottom edges of the aprons?  Be a change from building boxes? Rolleyes 
May see how I feel, today....stay tuned... Cool
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Leftovers by bandit571 (Now that the Router ...)
Alrighty,  then....found the scrap that smacked me yesterday.... Rolleyes 
Should have been wearing the apron... Raised
Of the 2 planks I hauled to the shop, one you can see in the background.   The other was cut into two 24" long sections....that needed milled down...first I needed the waves to go away...
Then reset the fence to 1-1/2" wide, and rip a few parts...
Got 6, needed 8, scrap bin provide the other two...sorted into pairs..
After cross cutting them for length, with the ends squared up...bead of glue between each pair, then clamp the pairs up into one group..
let this sit a day, then I can square the 4 legs up, and then taper two faces on each of the 4 legs...try to remove the worst two areas...
Found a drawer front blank.. Winkgrin 
And found a board I can rip down the middle, and use as bread board ends for the top... Winkgrin  
That other plank in the shop?   Will cut the back and side aprons from it....I hope...if not, there is still one more plank upstairs...

Stay tuned... Winkgrin
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Leftovers by bandit571 (Now that the Router ...)
Glad you're mostly ok after the kickback.  Does that apron have a steel plate in it?  That would be helpful in preventing further injury...  Laugh
  Re: Leftovers by bandit571 (Now that the Router ...)
Clamps came off, yesterday...all of them...nothing flew apart, either Winkgrin 
Leg blanks...with lots of dried glue to clean off... Rolleyes 
rather than use one of my "good" planes ..I set the high tech rip fence on the tablesaw to just skim along and peel the glue blobs off...then squared up the ends.. Cool
let these sit awhile, reset the fence..
Goal was to get 2 equal parts, for the bread board ends....that was the goal.. Rolleyes
Well, one came out a blade's width narrower....so, I ran the fatter one back through, to match the other one.   Top needed a tongue milled on each end....two set ups on the tablesaw....have just the plane to clean things up... Winkgrin
Auburn Tool Co. of Auburn NY....No. 181, 1.25" skewed rebate plane....reset the tablesaw a few more times....needed a matching groove in each bread board end, test fit? Cool
Almost there...skin a bit more from the tongue, until it fits all the way on..then do the other end..
Then some glue, clamps, and a caul or two... Winkgrin
And set this mess aside...over on top of the tablesaw....will only need the bandsaw, for the next task.. Cool
Lay out a tapered line on a leg blank.   Idea is to remove the worst areas with the taper....tapers will be on just two faces.   bandsaw to remove most of the waste...will hand plane the rest until smooth.. Cool 
Rotate, repeat, and get the next leg ready.   need to set up a jig, to hold the leg to the bench, so I can plane the tapers....haven't decided on the single outside corner,,maybe a round over, maybe a bead?   Confused we'll see Rolleyes

Stay tuned.. Winkgrin
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Leftovers by bandit571 (Now that the Router ...)
Needed plane stops...one done at the foot of the leg...
And..one on the vise, so I can clamp each leg in place... Cool 
Helps hold the legs still, during layout work, too....had a bad spot to remove, via a taper.. Winkgrin
Again...bandsaw to rough cut the tapers, then a few planes to smooth things out...
fancy jack plane, for the last couple of swipes..and..
These two did the bulk of the work, jack plane to level things almost smooth, then a few times with the #3 smoother...be sure to mark which face has a taper...
Helps, when you get to the last leg, and have to match up with the other 3.....the "T" also stands for tenon, as the tapered faces also get a mortise.  
All four legs now have 2 faces tapered....almost ready for the mortises to be chopped?  Decided to sweep this mess up...
And call it a night....need to work on the top, next..
need to get this flat, and layout the leg locations...and start on the back and 2 side aprons....then see about making a drawer...

Stay tuned, we be gaining on it.. Winkgrin
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Leftovers by bandit571 (Now that the Router ...)
A bit under the weather, today....right side is having "issues" whenever I try walking....let alone pushing a plane around....calling the Family Doctor in the morning, to see IF I can be seen....stay tuned..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: RE: Leftovers by bandit571 (A bit under the weat...)
Hope you are feeling better soon!
  Re: RE: Leftovers by BpB123 (Hope you are feeling...)
(02-04-2020, 08:07 PM)BpB123 Wrote: Hope you are feeling better soon!

Agreed.  Take it easy until things are working correctly again.
  Re: Leftovers by bandit571 (Now that the Router ...)
Lets see...can't stray too far from the bathroom.. No ..but...beltsander was throwing a bearing..VERY noisey. Confused    Bought one to replace it, and a new sanding belt, and..new discs  for the ROS.....IF I can get to the shop for a while....may give each a try out...and toss the one with the bad bearing.... Upset

May run a bead down the outside corner of each leg.. Confused ...need to re-do the jig a bit.... Rolleyes
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Leftovers by bandit571 (Now that the Router ...)
The quality of your pictures has risen high!


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