Re: Leftovers by bandit571 (Now that the Router ...)
Well, seems that at 3am this morning....the Single Brain Cell Sketch Up came up with a "plan" for that webframe thingy.....and some dummy actually went to the shop, to test it out, and even make a few parts.....bandsaw  runs nice and quiet...mitre box does too....hand plane does have that shawoosh as it goes along...I just forgot the camera....maybe after lunch today...me and the camera will meander back to the shop, and survey the damages.....or lack of.

Stay tuned.. Winkgrin
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  Re: RE: Leftovers by bandit571 (Clamps came off, yes...)
(02-03-2020, 04:52 PM)bandit571 Wrote: Almost there...skin a bit more from the tongue, until it fits all the way on..then do the other end..

I would think your Tongue gets sore after awhile.  Winkgrin Winkgrin Laugh
It is always the right time, to do the right thing.

Hi, I'm Arlin's proud wife! His brain trma & meds-give memory probs and has pain from injuries, but all is well materially & financially.  
  Re: Leftovers by bandit571 (Now that the Router ...)
More like a cotton mouth from all these pills I have to take everyday.... Sad 
Part of the "Plan" was to split the drawer front a bit....when closed, it is to look like the wide aprons....when you open it..
A strip at the top and bottom stay put.   These are held in place with corner blocks.. Cool
Larger ones at the top, connect to the side aprons...
Like this one..with screws and glue...the small brackets connect to the drawer runners..
Which are notched to fit around the legs... Cool
Like this.   Cut the corner blocks on the Mitersaw.. Rolleyes
Didn't do too badly... Confused
Then drilled pilot holes for the screws.. Cool
Will add these when I glue the base together...right now, just the 2 sides are in the clamps... Winkgrin
One, and 2.. Cool 
Just waiting on glue to dry, at the moment....before I can add the rest of the parts...and a forest of even more clamps..

Stay tuned, cussing has begun Uhoh
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  Re: Leftovers by bandit571 (Now that the Router ...)
Worked on the drawer front a bit....cleaned up some saw marks..
As it would be easier to do now.. Winkgrin
Added a bead to the bottom rail of the drawer front, plus two holes that will need plugged, later...also came back and plane the wavy edges as needed...Let the glued up sides sit about..6 hours..meantime, I had to clear everything off the tablesaw, lower the blade all the way...lay the tables top, good side down on the top of the saw....and move it out to where I could do a little more assembly.....
Move some clamps around...glued up the back apron...and then the lower rail for the drawer...needed a long clamp to pull things into square,  diagonals read 23-1/4" each way...should be square Cool 

Then the cussing began in earnest...first had to lift/rotate/ move the mess around, until I could work on the corner braces.... Upset which wanted to fight,,, Upset   
hardest to do, were the two for the upper drawer rail...trying to keep things inline with the lower rail...used a couple extra clamps, to hold it until i could drive a few screws into place....Once that was done...
I just closed up for the night...had more than enough "fun" for one day. 

Need to stash this mess some place, tomorrow....as I will need my tablesaw back....have parts for a drawer to make...

Stay tuned... Winkgrin
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  Re: Leftovers by bandit571 (Now that the Router ...)
4 hours of shop time today....clamps came off.   Top was attached...issues with screws snapping off in one area...bottom rail that connects the two sides at the drawer runners...needed a couple screws....
Which means I need a couple plugs made..so...Veritas 3/8" Tapered plug cutter, running as slow as the drill press will go.. Winkgrin
Pop 2 plugs out, a dab of glue, and a hammer to set them.. Cool
Will come back after a while, and trim them flush.   Brought the last slab down to the shop...needed to rough out a drawer back and 2 sides.. Winkgrin
"Rough out" because of very wavy edges...got the widths down close, could square the ends...THEN size the parts to what I needed... Cool
Will finish the back, when the dados and grooves are done.   Sides needed to be the right length, for the half blind dovetails...and match the front's height...and still slide in on the runners....while getting all this done, trimmed a strip of Ash..
Dab of glue on each end, and one in the center....drawer now has a kicker to rub against...keeps it from tipping down.  
Dovetails...I do Pins first... Rolleyes
And use them to lay out the tails...bandsaw to make a few cuts on the waste side of the lines...leaving the lines...even have a special chisel.. Winkgrin  
To get back into them tight corners... Cool 

Change the Stanley 45 Beading plane back to the Stanley 45 plough plane...#12 cutter.  Worked on the drawer front, first...wanted the groove centered between two pins.. Cool
So the tail on the sides would cover the groove... Cool 
Dovetails and grooves done..stay tuned for part 2...was a very long, and busy day..BRB Winkgrin
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  Re: Leftovers by bandit571 (Now that the Router ...)
Ok...got the dovetails done, got the grooves done...back of drawer will sit in a dado, held there with glue and screws...first the dado.. Cool  
Used the back to lay out the location.  Wanted a bit leftover out the back, in case I need to trim for fit...then the Stanley #358 made 2 cuts, to a pre-set depth....
Found an Aldi's chisel the right width, and popped out most of the waste....then a new plane took over.... Cool  
Took a few minutes to set the depth just right...but, at least it will hold the setting...Stanley No. 71-1/2....cleaned the dados right up..

Next, I grabbed a pair of drills....why change bits, when you can just change drill and all.. Winkgrin
Pilot drill and a countersink drill...like a matched set..Pilot holes
Then flip over, turn the counter sink drill 10 rotations ( yep, I counted them.. Rolleyes )
To  keep the screws' head down...

Ok, time to do a dry fit ( still need to buy a piece of plywood for the drawer bottom)  
One dado has a spot holding thing out a bit..I might have the plane to fix that...

As for those 2 plugs? Confused  
"Whut plugs?"  swept the floor a bit, and closed up for the day....when I sat down at the computer desk and looked out the window....
That ain't nice!    Later, it turned into rain...welcome to Ohio.

Maybe I can get the plywood tomorrow?   Do a glue up of the drawer?   Then a few finishing details, before the finish goes on...

Stay tuned... Winkgrin
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  Re: Leftovers by bandit571 (Now that the Router ...)
Plywood has been bought, package of 1" screws, as well.....we have work to do....plywood was cut to size, once the back of the drawer was trimmed a 1/16"..
All the parts for making a drawer?  Even the screws..
First a side is glued to the front, with the plywood to help out... Winkgrin
Then add the other side...
To attach the back of the drawer, a bead of glue at each end, and some pilot holes drilled..
And add the screws...
Check to make sure the drawer is square...then add a couple screws through the bottom and into the back...couple of clamps for the front.. Winkgrin
Test fit to see IF the drawer will indeed slide in... Rolleyes
Will just have to do.....can't work on the top of the table, while it sits there...
Need to clear this spot..need the table sitting down on the floor....so...
That should do the trick, for now...

Stay tuned...have some corners to cut... Rolleyes
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  Re: Leftovers by bandit571 (Now that the Router ...)
So, why the floor?   First, needed the corners rounded a bit...
Got out my High Tech radius jig, and marked where the saw needs to go....can't very well do this on the bandsaw...so..
This vintage saw should do the trick...was able to sit my knee on top of the table, to keep it from walking away, front two corners first..
Clean up with the beltsander..then the back two corners.    Then onto the bench, to run a round-over bit around, then sand the top to 100 grit..
Got out the can of stain...brushed on a coat, just on the top... Cool
Let this sit a bit..while I looked at a few handle choices for the drawer... Rolleyes
Too fat?  Too small?  Too big?   leaning towards the black handle... Confused
Hmmm...time to wipe the stain down... Cool  
Well..that's one way to hold it still? 
Letting the top dry, before I flip it over, and finish the rest up....need to clean the drawer up... after the clamps come off...
Stay tuned... Winkgrin
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  Re: Leftovers by bandit571 (Now that the Router ...)
More handle choices to think about... Rolleyes  as I went through the "spares box"... Winkgrin  
Will have to hold each up to the drawer front, and see which looks best...

(leaning towards the rounded wood insert one..)
Stay tuned
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  Re: Leftovers by bandit571 (Now that the Router ...)
well..handle choice?   Confused
Brass plating was flaking off..went ahead and wire wheeled the rest of...dovetails  were cleaned up, drawer front sanded and stained Winkgrin 
Test ed for fit in the table..
Then the handle installed, after the rest of the table had been stained, then wiped down.. Cool  
then.. Winkgrin
Time for a PIP, while the table dries enough, to put a top coat on.. Confused
Amber Shellac..or..clear gloss poly? We'll see...

Thanks for following along....
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