What finish for a platter?
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(02-11-2020, 07:32 PM)MidwestMan Wrote: That's a good idea Tim. I know what I would like to use this big platter for, but I don't think it would be smart. I'd like to take my pizza out of the oven and slap it on this platter. Then sit down in front of the tv and enjoy. What finish could take the heat and not chemically be induced in my food? Yea yea... I'm a bachelor ...  Smile'
HEAT?  Goodbye to a couple of options.  Any surface finish is likely to blister up, and shellac melts and flows below pizza temps.  Pretty much limits you to curing oils, and when I say cure, means a bunch of time.  When I did my first popcorn bowls, the old maids taught me to use a penetrating, curing "finish" only.  

My Pizza cutting board is about fifteen years old now.  Walnut oil still allows the wipe-with water to be dried off without serious penetration.
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  Re: What finish for a platter? by MidwestMan (Made my first platte...)
Yeah I missed the pizza comment. Hot-out-of-the-oven pizza probably wouldn't be good for any of my suggestions.

But yeah, resolidified cheese in wormholes? Good luck, man. lol
  Re: What finish for a platter? by MidwestMan (Made my first platte...)
What about an inlay of glass? If it's regular, non-tempered glass it can be shaped to about any contour.

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