Ye olde MM16 power switch post [NEW QUESTION ADDED]
  Re: RE: Ye olde MM16 power switch post [NEW QUESTION ADDED] by Bob10 (I know for furnaces ...)
(02-12-2020, 02:18 AM)Bob10 Wrote: I know for furnaces I have installed I have used switches with a fuse in them to protect the machinery 

Not sure if you can find something like this for your application but thought I would toss it out there as it might be easier to find than 
an exact replacement for a specific machine

Never seen one like that, but many switches have heaters in them that trip out when the current exceeds their rating.  Some idea, but the heaters have a virtually unlimited life.  

  Re: Ye olde MM16 power switch post [NEW QUESTION ADDED] by Aram (My 2004 Minimax MM16...)
It was the switch.

Could have picked one up for $80 and a 4 week lead time. I'm not that patient, not about woodworking. So I spent north of $250 for a new one from eBay, not to mention the extra cash for fast delivery. It was worth it. I think....

Thanks for the help.
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