Questions for bandsaw box makers
I’m into making several for a project. But this particular one is for my wife for Valentines. When you go to gluing the back on do you normally sand the frame and the back or leave them rough sawn? 

My project boxes are being finished Howard’s Butcher Block finish because some of the youngsters they are going to might have allergies. 

The one for my wife is a walnut shaped heart. If it were yours to finish what finish would you use?

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  Re: Questions for bandsaw box makers by stoppy (I’m into making seve...)
I  sand everything.  I built some 7" drum sanders that run on my ShopSmith.

I sand the inside of the case before the back is glued on and the inside of
all the drawers before they are assembled.  I just knock down any rough
parts of the inside of the back before it is glued.
I generally use a poly type finish.  Some times Deft.  For a non-toxic finish
you might try mineral oil.  I use eatable walnut oil on my kitchen utensils.
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  Re: Questions for bandsaw box makers by stoppy (I’m into making seve...)
I always leave the mating surfaces of mine rough-sawn.  The blade marks from the band saw blade will fit together again quite nicely.  If you sand those off, you run the risk of an uneven surface and a more visible joint line.

I do sand the inside cavities before the back goes on.

As for finish, I prefer something besides poly or lacquer.  I just think the boxes look and feel better with a "softer" finish.  I've used Livos hardening oil and then buffed paste wax.  I also like the feel of mineral oil/beeswax, although reapplication of that could be messy with a flocked drawer box.  For walnut, Watco Danish oil would also look good, perhaps waxed and buffed after it's dry.
  Re: Questions for bandsaw box makers by stoppy (I’m into making seve...)
I sand the outside of the boxes glass smooth and often knock off any sharp corners. Another trick is to cut another 1/8" off the box front so all the drawers sit just a bit proud.  

 i don't sand the back of the frame, nor the back.  As others have suggested, any slight inconsistencies help line things up.  I do LIGHTLY sand inside drawer slots.  Oversand, and the drawers will be too loose.  (If this happens, flock the cavity.)  I sand the insides of the drawers before reassembly.

I use watco oil and beeswax for finish.

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