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(02-15-2020, 10:09 AM)Wayne G. Wrote: Surprised at my response??  Utterly impressed?  The email response was far and above anything I expected to get.

Sorry, misread your opinion as "unimpressed". Guess I need to be more thorough in reading the posts. Deepest apologies!
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That Delta, being a bag/canister system but vented outside, isn’t doing any filtering at all, so if it matters to you, any cyclone separator will be an improvement in dust/chips blowing outside.  

Since the problem is excessive dust inside, and the solution is obviously increased air flow (among other parallel approaches), perhaps you should shop for a 5 hp system based on price alone.  

Even if it’s more blower than your duct network is designed for, it won’t cost you any more to run an oversized motor at reduced load than a ‘right sized’ motor (speaking in very general terms), and you’ll have the blower capacity to open things up in the future.  Look for a high max static pressure (SP), which is usually the number they publish.  It’s at or near zero air flow, but with high restriction network, having a blower curve that ends at a high value generally means it will move more air through a given restrictive network than a blower wheel with a lower max SP figure.

If filtration doesn’t matter at all, just buy a big blower with high SP and big motor and vent it outside.  Any cyclone separator will reduce air flow, of course, and if you don’t care about the chips and dust, why waste the money on the separator?

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