WTB: Block plane with screw adjustment
  Re: WTB: Block plane with screw adjustment by ®smpr_fi_mac® (Such as a 60 -1/2. ...)
Found one. Thanks, guys!
Semper fi,

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(02-19-2020, 04:30 PM)Greg Jones Wrote: The Millers Falls #57 is not the same as a Stanley #65. The Millers Falls #57 and Stanley 65-1/2 are the same with a cam lock lever cap, while the Millers Falls 47 and the Stanley 65 have a knuckle cap. Otherwise, the 4 planes are identical and yes, the mouth area on all is indeed fragile.

Gads!! Those people had to be on mind modifying drugs. My original MF has someone's, unmarked, knuckle cap. Call it my Heinz 57. Craftsman, MF, and 65 blades have been interchangeable. However, I can't make the LV blade seat properly.

OK!! The OP has to show what he got!
  Re: WTB: Block plane with screw adjustment by ®smpr_fi_mac® (Such as a 60 -1/2. ...)
The LV blades will not work on a knuckle cap, as the LV replacement block plane blades have slots that go all the way through the blade. Ask me how I know, kindly LV took back the LV one I bought and luckily I found this NOS Millers Falls blade to replace the worn-out Stanley blade that came in the plane.

The knuckle caps, regardless of who made them, cam on the bevel side of the blade, so that side must be solid. If not, the cam hangs up in the slots. You can see the wear point on this blade. This is a Type 1 #47, so it has Millers Falls markings on the cap and the plane body. Later models do not, to allow the same parts to be used on the Craftsman version.

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  Re: WTB: Block plane with screw adjustment by ®smpr_fi_mac® (Such as a 60 -1/2. ...)
That's a nice looking 47, Greg. I bet it works as well as mine; and, as pleasurably. I sit back in a lawn chair, hold the work piece in one hand and the tool in the other. 

I thought the LV's adjustment slots were spaced slightly more than the 57 adjusting tabs could grab. But mine was obviously modified, so I didn't investigate further. Neither of the LV replacement blade styles worked. The paucity of names on mine, I have two now, is explained! Thanks for that enlightenment!

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