Chisel Mortiser Gas tube replacement
(01-07-2021, 03:26 PM)Stwood_ Wrote: All auto parts houses has a rack with a decent selection.
Take your old one in and compare.

+1 gazillion with a caveat.  The chain store auto parts places may or may not be able to help depending on how sharp the counter guy is.  They may not be able to do anymore than match it for size and never mind on the pressure range. 
But if you have a local jobber supply those guys are typically a bit better trained and more likely to help you find a more accurate replacement.  At least that is my experience but we have a great independent jobber warehouse here.
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Adjustable force gas struts are readily available. The way they work is they come pre-charged to the maximum pressure and you slowly bleed off the charge gas until you arrive at the spring force needed. 

This is done with a set screw on the base of the strut. Once you arrive at the correct pressure the screw is tightened and it remains as set. 

But, it is a one shot process, if you let out too much gas you can't replace it. I have used these several times and have never had a problem. Just select the correct stroke length and proper end attachments.
An alternative would be to find someone who has a working strut and measure the force or resistance with a scale. Once that is known you can find the correct replacement.

(02-22-2020, 03:28 PM)sawnuts Wrote: I have a Steel city unit and the gas assist tube is shot. Its nice but not absolutely needed but I'd like to replace it. Steel City is no more and I'm wondering if these are standard units. If so, are all similar units the same? If I bought a Powermatic or Grizzly would it work. The body (tube) is around 6" long but I'm not sure how they rate the strength. 

Has anyone had a similar situation and what was your solution? Can I stop at an auto supply and pick one up and have it work?


If your present spring isn't locked up you can measure the overall length and length of travel. If you have an Amazon account see if the device has free returns. I've returned stuff that was wrong and ordered the correct replacement, never had an issue. I have Prime, I'm not sure if that matters or not.
I ordered a gas spring from Grizzly and it seems to work.  The part number is P0645044-1 Cylinder and it cost $18.01 with shipping.  You will need to reuse the plastic end caps from your old gas spring to fit into the ball connectors on the mortiser.  They are M6 x 1.0 threaded ends.

Thanks DDooley!

Just ordered my replacement from Grizzly and with shipping and tax it came to the $18.01 price.

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