Entry hall table for a niece: Part 10
  Re: Entry hall table for a niece: Part 10 by Derek Cohen (Any discussion of th...)
Hi Matt

I finally convinced my niece to use drawer handles, which I will build in the same wood as the drawer fronts so that they "disappear". You will have to wait to see what these look like Smile

The plan is to keep the tolerances tight for now, and later open up the clearances, especially at the top of the drawer fronts. I have made everything tight at this stage (as tight as possible) as this is needed for measuring and marking the rebates for the lipped dovetails. As you well know, it is always easier to remove wood that to put it back!

You will see the drawer wood in Part 11. With the exception of the drawer fronts, all the rest is quarter sawn for stability.

Regards from Perth

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  Re: RE: Entry hall table for a niece: Part 10 by Derek Cohen (Thanks Johnny. N...)
(02-24-2020, 04:43 AM)Derek Cohen Wrote: Thanks Johnny.

No apology for ranting at the start. It is not that I want all and sundry to read my posts. What I want is for there to be some discussion about using tools rather than owning tools, per se. I also do not expect everyone to use their tools - tool collecting is an acceptable hobby. But I have witnessed a decline in this forum (website?) over the past few years. There used to be intense discussions and debates about technique and more, and now there are more viewers (as distinct from responders - what are those?) to mundane showings of common tools than projects here. Only Steven and myself post regularly about builds.

It will be interesting to see if anyone even notices this rant continued, as few will read it. I will continue to post (for now) for the few who are interested in building furniture, and mourn the slide into nothingness of this once active forum.

Regards from Perth


I admit that I have not been as active as I once was here. Always learn from your posts, matter of fact, I had to use the blue tape trick on some DTs in walnut a few weeks ago.

Heck, last week, I realized that I have been using a #50 plane not entirely correct. I did not realize that I am missing particular parts. I am thankful that there are smart fudge here that can set me straight.

Current project has me grooving with a #50, chopping mortises by hand, and using a miter jack to fit base molding. These days, it is a lot easier to post a quick update on Instagram, then it is to post something here.

BTW, I love this piece and it is given me inspiration for the stack of curly Brazilian Walnut I have in the shed.

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