WTB Welding clamps
Needing a few welding clamps. If you folks see any wlding clmps out there for a great price while shopping for ww clamps, and are not interested in them yourself, keep me in mind. I am in IL.


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  Re: WTB Welding clamps by BloomingtonMike (Needing a few weldin...)
Ahhh, a day too late.... at the flea market yesterday a cleanout guy who sells cheap was selling off all sorts of welding stuff, there was a box of welding vice grips, at least a dozen, maybe 18. They went quickly, as I was there when he was unloading and passed on them, but by my next walk-around about 30 minutes later that box and most of the other stuff was sold. Shipping NJ to IL would have been expensive.....
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