What do you think of this new Rikon Lathe
  Re: RE: What do you think of this new Rikon Lathe by Arlin Eastman (I am thinking it wil...)
(02-29-2020, 08:25 PM)Arlin Eastman Wrote: I am thinking it will be upwards of $3500

It looks nice and all the info and weight is almost 700# but I still like my PM3520b where I can move the head to the end of the ways when doing boxes.  Saves my neck big time and I think doing segmented work will do just as well on the end of the lathe.

That's the shipping weight, unit weight is 476 lbs. For comparison, the PM3520C is 726 lbs and the American Beauty is 630 lbs.

The sliding bed seems like a gimmick that just gives you something more to wear out and break. I also agree with the placement of the control knob. I know I'd turn the wrong one at least once and probably more.
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  Re: What do you think of this new Rikon Lathe by Arlin Eastman (Coming out. [ur...)
The idea is cool for a small shop especially. I'd much prefer a hand wheel to slide the bed thought. Like the XY table on a bridgeport. Crank it, lock it, don't worry about it.


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