Mortise Jig for Router
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(03-21-2020, 12:25 PM)mikefm101 Wrote:

I’ve been using the U shaped jig for about a decade and never an issue.  

Scrap plywood and some clamps.  

Clamp stop blocks to the jig so each workpiece is positioned the same way.  I mark start and stop points for the router base on the top of the sides of the jig (in other words what the router base slides on).  Once the workpiece is clamped in place I don’t even have to watch the router bit.  

Hope it helps. 


That and several others shown here is fine for mortising the "stile", but the OP said he wanted to use loose tenons and those jigs are of no use for making the mortise in the "rail".  I've seen several jigs that can accommodate both the stile and rail but how do you use one of those on the end of a rail that's 6' long like the OP has?  I'm not picking on you, Mike, only pointing out that a horizontal router mortiser is a better approach.   


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