drill sorting and rehab
  Re: drill sorting and rehab by bandit571 (Been sorting through...)
A work in progress.. Rolleyes ..trying to find a place  for stuff to reside.. Winkgrin 
Red shelf?    One of those plastic  tool holders from the BORGs....that I have had for a LONG time.... ($7, when new..)
guess I should start on two doors, next...
Stay tuned Winkgrin
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  Re: drill sorting and rehab by bandit571 (Been sorting through...)
Time for the 5 cent tour...as a few new arrivals have shown up.. Big Grin 
So, lower left hand corner.. Winkgrin  
Top box contains the Stanley No. 71-1/2, below that is the case for the Stanley 45....and a few other tools just hanging around Rolleyes  Next?
Upper left hand corner....big brace is a Stanley #730-14....and a few of his friends.  Square, dividers...spokeshaves..then on to the middle.. Winkgrin 
6 braces, instead of 14....2 egg beater drills, instead of 10....lots of screwdrivers to chose from, a few more squares...the Dovetail saws are in the red rack...down in front of the case.. Cool 
2 saws, waiting on a door to be made, so they can hang around....Disston No. 4 and a Disston D8 ( no hyphen) Panel saw, 10 ppi ( No. 4 is 9ppi)Long box is filled with all sorts of hardware...including the hinges and latch for the two doors...next... Winkgrin 
The upper right hand corner....screw heads needed "turned" down, for the bevel gauges to slide over them.   Disc sander and a pair of Visegrips, sand away until the right size....can't run out and get a box of "Trim' screws, right now... No and next, the lower right hand corner.. Winkgrin    Used a brace and bit to make that holder for the 5 expansive bits....drill 2 pilot holes for the screws to attach the holder to the side of the case.   marking gauges are sitting on a pair of screw, each.  
So, that be the 5 cent tour....tip the driver on the way out. Winkgrin 

need to sneak down the road to the Blue BORG, and get a couple sticks of STRAIGHT 1 x 4s.....3 @ 6' long should do the trick...and get busy making the doors, so I can hang even more toys up.... Cool

Finish?   Going to just let the Pine age itself.....
Stay tuned Winkgrin
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: drill sorting and rehab by bandit571 (Been sorting through...)
Killing a bit of time...until I can sneak out of the house, for a bit....
hauled two of the 1 x 10 x 4' planks to the shop....measured for the length needed..( 36-1/8") and cut the better of the two planks to that length.   Then used that plank as a pattern...to get the "best" section out of the other plank.. Rolleyes ....BIG knots on each end had to go. Angry   Then clamped the two face to face in the vise..
tried the small jointer at first.. Rolleyes  
wasn't working quite right ( Stanley No. 6c, Type 10)  so... Winkgrin   We have ways...if a Jointer doesn't work...get a bigger one
Stanley No.8, Type 7....Olde Heft &Hubris....was finally able to get a decent enough glue joint....time for the glue, cauls, and clamps.. Winkgrin  
Taking a "Warts & All" approach.... Winkgrin  
Added a shim between the panel and the bench...shelf under the bench was in the way a bit....was trying to get as much of the clamp's pad on the glue up..

Well, there goes using the bench for a while....I did find a couple "parking places"... Rolleyes
For 2 "extra" planes...on the left is a Stanley No. 5-1/2, Type 17 ( a Millers Falls No.15 replaced it in the til)  and on the right, is the Stanley No. 6c, Type 10....a Stanley No. 6, Type 10 replaced it in the til...

have since ..mailed the Rent Check to the Land Lord, and slipped into Lowes to buy three 1 x 4 x 6' STRAIGHT boards... Might get one door done, tomorrow?
Stay tuned... Cool
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: drill sorting and rehab by bandit571 (Been sorting through...)
two items.....Going to run one 1 x 4 all the way up the sides of the doors.....as I may need a "back bevel" where the two doors go past each other....maybe a 5 degree bevel? Confused  

The other item:  chisel racks/ holders.....make out of wood?   or buy a few magnetic strips?   Confused

panel saw...and that back saw....need a wood insert to hang onto the door with at the handles.....what about the toe ends? Confused rather not have them rattling around in there...

2 pairs of hinges per door, or, add a 3rd in-between? Confused

Since these door panels will show, will sand them down a bit.....may even counter bore the screws, and plug the holes.....we'll see how the assembly goes.... Rolleyes

Stay tuned...(watching glue dry is SOooooo boring..) Winkgrin
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: drill sorting and rehab by bandit571 (Been sorting through...)
Door building for this cabinet.   First, clamps came off of that panel.. Winkgrin
Haul a couple 1 x 4 x 6' boards to the shop...figure out how long to make the "stiles"...36-1/16"strong...and get the mitersaw ready to go to work.. Winkgrin 
Will cut a bit off the remains in a little bit... Rolleyes 
bead of glue, and a clamp... Cool
Had to set up 3 drills.   One for a 3/8" Forstner bit for the counter bores ( once I FOUND the new, SHARP bit) another with a drill bit to do the pilot holes...and the 3rd was to drive the screws...whew...Finally got 3 out of 4 sides attached..
had to clamp a long scrap across the bench, to support the far end...while I worked on the near end...came time for the fourth side...used an assist from the clamps, again Cool
Then the clean up, leveling could start in.. Rolleyes
#3 to take out a few high spots...#8 to level the edges..
Sanders to go where the planes could not.   Decided a test fit was in order... Cool
Sitting on a 1 x scrap, held in place by just that clamp, for now....decide that was enough, until after Supper...so.. Winkgrin
Quitting Time!

Stay tuned...still have another panel to make...for Door #2 Winkgrin
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: drill sorting and rehab by bandit571 (Been sorting through...)
Ok...the Pine insert I was working on, when the belt/disc sander tried to snag a finger...
The red lines are where two screws will go....counter sunk 1" brass screws.   Insert was rough sawn on the bandsaw, then sanded to final shape, until a slip fit.. Rolleyes 
Plan is to use this to hang the saw inside the door.   Need to cobble a keeper for the insert, and some sort of keeper for the saw's toe to sit in....don't want it to rattle around.  Then, cobble one for the Disston No.4 Backsaw the same way.

Once Door #2 is built, and both doors are attached to the case....will see about what else can be stashed away....Maybe a better way to store most of my user chisels?

At the moment, however....wood shop is closed for the weekend.   Not because of any virus....seems when I did that face plant on the new kitchen floor, I may have injured a few tendons in my right hand....ER last night, because the hand was getting worse....X-rays didn't show any breaks...so, I am dealing with the hand in a splint, until Monday.   Then call the Family Doctor for a follow up....makes things rough, when you are right-handed....and not very good as a Lefty.

One question:  What about the size of the hinges for these doors? Confused    Not a fan of Piano hinges.... No
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: drill sorting and rehab by bandit571 (Been sorting through...)
Well I'm a big fan of piano hinges, especially in soft woods.  I have three tool cabinets with six doors on piano hinges.  I guess if you use longer screws, three mortised hinges per door will work.

BTW, Bandit, face plants are not a good idea for the adult male.  Hope the hand starts feeling better.
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