Paw Paw Wood?
Has anyone ever tried to turn (or do anything) with paw paw?  I have an acquaintance who is offering me some.  I'm inclined to give it a try, but if anyone had any insights I would appreciate hearing the experiences of others.
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I heard of someone using it here but it was quite awhile ago and do not remember it.

I also was giving a chunk of wood and it was the VERY hardest wood I have EVER turned.

It is called Seagrape  Confused Confused

NONE of my M2 or m42 tools would cut it.  I even used new carbide and it even dulled quickly.  I tried using a forstner bit and it dulled quick.  Re-sharpened it and pow dull again and back to carbide and got most of it turned but the lid chipped and both of them no matter how tight I chucked it kept coming out and it was just like chucking up steel which I have done.  It just would not compress down.  It did have cracks thru it even when it was dried he said for 20 years so it must have internal stressed when turned.

They should have called it Tungsten carbide wood.  Crazy Crazy
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Think should take what offered and give it a go! Big thing to keep in mind talking fruit wood and can & will crack, split or otherwise disappoint just looking at it! Would end seal and let hang out until wood reaches EMC for your area.

Wood: Pale, greenish yellow, sapwood lighter; light, soft, coarse-grained and spongy with a specific gravity of 0.3969 and a density of 24.74 pounds per cubic foot (396.3 kg/m3).

Guess different varieties all have similar characteristics have to see cultivar for particulars.
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Arlin, we have sea grape here in Hawaii. It normally grows as a shrub, but I have one trained as a pretty tall tree. The wood is HARD. The Hawaiian word for it is naupaka.

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