Sources for woodturning resin
Like lots of folks, stuck in the house for the duration.  I've got some wood put up about 6 months ago and its showing a fairly low moisture count now, but some of the blanks did split some.  Rather than cut around the splits, I'd like to see if I can fill them with colored resin and turn the pieces as large as I can.  

I did google and found the alumilite site.  For somebody starting out with resins, what is a good size kit or amount to start with and what would be some good combinations of dye and dust to add.  I would start with maybe some blue/greens, amber/brown, red/burgundy, who knows.  Woodcraft is local, but not sure how much they have and there are limits as to how many people in the store with the current virus situation.  So online may be the best choice, though it may take a while.  

Thanks,  Im all ears

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Thing if take little time which of these casting resins easy to color & use might help. Many places to buy whatever product want to use and tutorials on line to walk you through the procedures.

Looked into casting several years ago and decided just not for me, good luck with it!
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The Woodcraft at Military Circle has always been very happy to answer questions over the phone. The in-stock indicator on their website is usually pretty close to right on things that I have double-checked. They may also be doing curbside pickup now if you ask.

I do not recall seeing any inlays in Brian's work. So, I do not know who to tell you to ask for.

Are you a member of the Tidewater Turners of VA club? If not, PM me and I can give you some contact info. I know a couple of the members do some inlay work and have demo-ed in the November turn-a-thons, but only Dwight is coming to mind at the moment. He mostly does build-up with CA glue and either fine sawdust or crushed stone. The ones using alumilite are escaping me.
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I did get some Alumilite resin on EBay for half price once.  You might want to check that.
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Thanks all. I may order something soon. For a blue/green color with some reflective stuff in it, what would be a good combo of dye and dust? Going to start small and see how it goes, but I always seem to like this color with lighter colored woods.

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