Seeing the light....inside a bowl
Ok, I can never seem to see inside the bowl or vessel I'm turning. Hunched over the lathe and struggling to see where the gouge is, seems to be the norm.
I've tried the light sold on WW and can never seem to get it in the right position to get light inside the bowl! Not to mention the goose neck is way too short and you hit your gouge handle on it if it's close enough to do any good.
I even tried that small led with magnets that is supposed to go on your tool rest; again, it won't stay and all the tool rests I have don't really have a flat spot to mount it, plus the bowl ends up rubbing the electric cord. The only thing I found good for general light is a chicken coop clamp light with a led flood light inside; but of course your body gets in the way when you are hollowing out the vessel. What do you guys/girls do for lighting??

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I stand up straight and turn toward the headstock, so a light from anywhere overhead or toward the tailstock area is all I need for open turnings.  For reduced entry types, I use my imagination and tactile/aural feedback, which is usually reliable enough.  My close work light is completely isolated from lathe vibration because it's mounted on the wall behind.  If you are not up against the wall, something on its own feet will keep your eyes from bouncing with the light.

Besides, the opposite side or lower inside looks like where you've been, so all gross removal can be done by looking there.  Standing upright and up front is the safe way, anyway.
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I hung a 4,000 lumen LED light ($17 at Rural King) above my lathe and another on vertically at the end of and behind the lathe. Because these are not point sources, there is no shadow. I only turn the end one on when I'm working on the end of a piece because it's distracting otherwise. These work great and I highly recommend both the technique and the product.

By the way, please excuse the messy shop. Sometimes it's better organized than this.

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I have (I think) the KJR Beacon LED with the 30" gooseneck. It has the same base as yours but a much small head.  It has been perfect for my needs but the only hollow forms I've done are segmented.  I think it was about $50 at the time.
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I use this one on the back of the grinder and it is great.  The base is 1.5x1.5 and does not slip off the side of the grinder at all.

I use this bench light from Menards that sits on top of a file cabinet behind the lathe and I think it is the very best one I have ever had.   I put 6 1" magnets I have and it stays glued to the top of the cabinet and I use a bright 100w led bulb in it.  It bends up and down and the head goes 360* so it will go anywhere I want the light.
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