Inexpensive Saws
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(04-15-2020, 07:47 PM)AHill Wrote:   
There are pretty cheap ryoba saws out there.  One side rip.  Lee Valley sells one version for $32.50 USD. 

My fault. I just don't think asian (don't tell me they are from japan at this proce), when I think saws.
Though I have two and use them every now and than.
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A lot goes into the making of a good hand saw. I'd bet the people who make these saws don't know how to use them or even how a good saw works. This shouldn't be a controversial statement. I think a lot of tool makers of all sorts are not expert users. I'd bet that somewhere in Japan, there's a guy saying disposable zeta saws are made by and for people who don't know how to saw.

That said, I think its fair to say in skilled hands, all tools can work. Few are absolutely useless. Cheap chisels (with some notable exceptions) can be made to work. Mike Siemsen does a demo where he cuts dovetails with a hack saw and sharpened screwdriver.

I've used those fat max saws and agree they cut better than I expected. But I wouldn't have one in my box when I have a better alternative. The difference between these and an old disston properly sharpened is night and day. Prius and Porsche. I get that the Prius is cheaper and still gets the job done.

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