A couple of one off mallets
I decided to make these three mallets with some infused plain cut maple I have had in my shop. These are NOT light weight mallets. I made myself one a couple of years ago. The handles are 8.5" long (x 2) and one that is 9" long. All are 1.625" x 1" thick, roughly. Two of the handles are Ammonia fumed white oak and one is resin infused curly maple. The tenons are all 3/4" x 1.25" x 2.75" long epoxied and pinned in place with a 7/32" dia. brass rod.
    Mallet heads are all infused hard maple. 6" long x 2.75" wide x approx. 3" tall. One face has leather.
The weights are as follows:

9" oak handle head weight is 27.2 ounces with an overall weight of 32.2 ounces.
8.5" oak handle head weight is 31.0 ounces with an overall weight of 35.5 ounces.
Note: The head weights were taken after the mortise was cut so the head weight is probably a couple of ounces more.
$75.00 each plus shipping. You won't find these on my web site. It was one of those spur of the moment projects.

[Image: 49878792201_37c1112eba_b.jpg]" />

[Image: 49878259948_16f43d8573_b.jpg]" />
" />
They will include the leather strap.
Thank you,

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