Unisaw Alignment problem?????
I was ripping some OSB into strips this morning and noticed that my face was getting peppered with little pieces of OSB.

Doesn't burn when I rip solid stock but I'm wondering if this is a sign of a slight alignment problem.

(Wouldn't surprise me; saw has been moved two or three times before it landed in it's new home!) Rolleyes
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  Re: Unisaw Alignment problem????? by Wild Turkey (I was ripping some O...)
Could it be the wrong blade being used? A blade with fewer teeth could be sending small pieces everywhere. Also, have you ripped OSB before? Little shards fly all over. Just thinking outside of the box.
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  Re: Unisaw Alignment problem????? by Wild Turkey (I was ripping some O...)
Do you get any burning on rips using the fence or cross cutting using the miter gauge? If not it is just the OSB. OSB does not cut cut with out throwing bits of material every where.
I don't understand it
I've cut it twice
And it is still too short

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