Replacing Motor Bearings on a Bosch Colt
Boredom can do wonderful things. I tossed this Colt with shot bearings into its blow-mold case and tucked it up in the rafters. At the time, I just couldn't spare the cycles to replace the bearings. While sorting (read thrashing) through the pile of stuff that is waiting for the new shop to appear I found the case. To myself I think "I coulda swore I tossed all these useless things." I picked it up and it rattled . . . ah-ha!

Double sealed bearings delivered for about $15. About an hour of my time. Bear in mind I have no bearing puller or press and have never done this before. Believe me, I am not bragging. I am declaring that if you have a dead Colt laying somewhere, take an hour out of your day and bring it back to life. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

I know a lot of the pros can't afford the time to fix a $100 trim router.  Now that I've done it once I'm pretty sure I could get through this in well under an hour so, that plus $15 seems a worthwhile investment for the one man shop.

You take the three screws out and get about this far . . . helpful hint; remove the brushes


Then it pulls apart easily.


Oh yeah, I had no spanner wrench either. I drilled a couple holes in a scrap of plywood and tapped in a couple of punches; worked fine.


The bearings didn't feel all that bad and I looked around for some other cause of the chatter and horrible noises it made while running. Nope, everything looks good and fits tight so, swap the bearings. By the way, don't lose the wavy washer that is deep inside the blue plastic housing.


I used an open end wrench and a mallet to get the small bearing off the shaft. Use a puller if you have one, it would go quicker. The large bearing pushed out easily. I cleaned everything up inside, used a couple of blocks of scrap and my twin screw vise to press the small bearing on.


Fiddle it back together and it runs like new.


Time for a cup of coffee.
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  Re: Replacing Motor Bearings on a Bosch Colt by GeeDub (Boredom can do wonde...)
Gottta love it when a plan comes together.
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  Re: Replacing Motor Bearings on a Bosch Colt by GeeDub (Boredom can do wonde...)
Yes sir. Saved some coin and a tool there. Nice tutorial.

I fix all my PC routers that develop problems. Seldom the new ones I've bought, usually the used ones.
I've even bought some DOA's off Ebay and repaired them. Usually brgs, brushes, or a switch, maybe a new cord and you have another tool to add to the mix.
I don't, and won't buy any router that has control boards, or multi-speeds in them.


The Revos apparently are designed to clamp railroad ties and pull together horrifically prepared joints
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