Price for Agazzani bandsaw
  Re: RE: Price for Agazzani bandsaw by BloomingtonMike (That $700 seller was...)
(05-26-2020, 01:46 AM)BloomingtonMike Wrote: That $700 seller was dumb.


But it's rather arrogant of you to assume.    Doubtful you went to the trouble of contacting the seller to see what condition it's in.  Given the location , it's quite possible that it's a rust bucket.  It's not likely to belong to a hobbyist there either.  And a commercial setting, might mean the guides, tires, belt ect... are worn or used up.  The italian motor runs hot too, so it's life span will be decreased.  And if he needs to sell it tomorrow, price sells...........

If that's the case , 700 sounds about right.  But since I don't know the condition or circumstances either, I reserve judgement.
  Re: Price for Agazzani bandsaw by hedgehog55 (I bought a beautiful...)
I remember yrs ago in Biology cls which was maybe 1970, one of the guys called another guy dumb. Well the teacher lite up rm defending the guy with about 10min speech who was called dumb. I remember that day so well that I refuse to use that word,now I have use the word goober a lot at work.

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