Amazing tools for oboe reed making
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(05-23-2020, 08:43 PM)AHill Wrote: It's possible she inherited or acquired many of her tools used.  Supply and demand in action.  Not a lot of demand and even less supply.  Higher end oboe reeds can cost over $100 apiece - and they only last for about a month, so investment in the tools to make your own if your profession is playing oboe can save money in the long run.

I play acoustic guitar and there are a lot of obsessed players out there as well.  Discussions about picks range from materials to thickness to grip to profiling (bevel or no bevel).  A single guitar pick can cost upwards of $50 if made from some exotic materials.  Tortoise shell picks are prohibited these days.  Other subjects of debate include strings, tonewoods, bracing, saddle and nut materials, tuners, etc.  I own four very nice guitars.  They all have different tonewoods and they all sound quite a bit different - on purpose.


We have a punch to make guitar picks from our used gift cards...the picks are free in the stores (where available). Probably not professional quality...but they sure are popular!



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