Need and answer for air compressor and pumps
Hello everyone. today I have question regarding air compressor there are so many electric motors and compressor pumps around and could not make my mind. I have and old compressor the tank is good but I want to upgrade for the better  the electric motor and the compressor pump.
       The question is if the electric motor is 2hp that mean the pump should be 2 hp or could be  higher no problem. Or vise versa 3hp pump and the electric motor 2hp is it ok or dose not make difference in the case of  effichancy  and combability or not compatible. I was looking in Amazon and saw lots of them, cannot make decision yet. I would like to buy American made because it is good and reliable
Thank you for your answers.

The power rating of the pump would be at a defined speed.  Yes, you can run a “3 hp” pump with a 2 hp motor, but you have to run that pump at a lower speed.

OR, you run the pump at a lower maximum pressure, since the power input to the pump is highest at maximum pressure.  

When you buy custom industrial piston compressors, the unit is configured for the input max hp and max cutoff pressure you (the customer) specifies.  The builder will select the pump unit that fits the need, but those pump units have a range of input hp with the corresponding shaft speed.  It’s up to the builder to choose the right motor and drive sheave (pulley) to spin the compressor at the required speed for the air flow, max pressure, and available hp.

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I prefer to run a larger (higher HP rated) pump than the motor. You have to slow the pump down but that makes for a quieter compressor and a longer lived compressor. All compressors that are sold as consumer models and even low end commercial run small pumps and spin the snot out of them to get the required output. Those are noisy and wear faster.

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